Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fusion Balloon Doll Inflatable body & LTX Rubber Girls Skins now available

Double Updates today with two project, that are connected

Firstly... really... its out... not a hoax or a joke.
The Balloon doll, one of the longest projects in Violet Studios history is now out in store!

As the advertising contains naughty bits, click here to see the full break down of the Balloon Doll, how it inflates and its long and difficult history.

Second up, is the Balloon Dolls Companion prroduct - the LTX Rubber Girl Skin series.
Coming in 10 colours, each colour having 6 make up options, Implant appliers, Mesh Appliers and a few other things, these are extremely high quality rubber skins.
As these are skin, I have to go adult on them... Click here to see the full break down.