Wednesday, 6 June 2018

vString X_X, XL, XXL & X-Loon Update

Letting customers know after some investigation work and head scratching we found these breasts had an issue.
The nature of this bug was the breasts clothing layer / tops were doing strange things inlduing turning grey. The bug has now been tracked down and repaired.
To that end, the X_X, XL, XXL and X-Loons have now been updated to version 5.01

Head in store to the Redelivery Terminal to get your free update.
If you have any issues contact me in world.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Demon Studio - Palden Crown Horns

Palden are stunning crown style horns that arc off the skull in beautiful detail.
Featuring inlaid Gem channels, the horns have upper flex tassles and a frontal V chain with cheeky shrunken skulls.

These come with all the benefits of Unlimited 3 including materials support
They are 275L$ and in store now!


Monday, 28 May 2018

Fusion - Thighz Body Released

I have just release the Thighz Body - this is a more extreme version of the Hipz body with extremely wide... well, thighs.

As this is the PG Blog I can't show you it, but if you click this link you can take a look on the Adult Blog.

The body is 1500L$ and there is also the Pick N Mix Torso version which is 500L$ for people who already own Fusion!


Thursday, 24 May 2018

Fusion Bodies Release

The SuperCurves, SuperBimbo and SuperThick Torsos have been promoted to full ready to use Fusion Bodies having previously only been available in Pick N Mix

They are in store now.
More details are on the Adult Blog here

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Demon Studio - Ardat Horns Released

I thought I would go a little simpler with these. Offering a beautiful twisted style horn with subtle ridges, I have included light metal V Chains enbelishments and some cheeky shrunken skull pendants.

They are 175L$ and in store now

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Violet Cybernetics - Dark Mech Boots Released

These have been a long time coming and finally I have released the Dark Mech Boots.
These heavy style cyber boots are hard all the way crossing over with the Hanabi 2.0 mooncat system. With 6 base colours, tinting and glow control, you can set these up how you want
They are fully fitted mesh and will adapt to your avatar out of the box.

They are in the Cyber Studio right now priced at 500L$


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Headmasters - Tezla Punk Hair Released

I have had a few people asking me about the hair I have been wearing in recent photoshoots for the demon studio and it is something I never released... as demand is there though... this is Tezla.

This punk hair comes in all 72 base colours, for the headmasters range (see in store), it is sculpted, however it does have materials shine on it to add some depth and gloss..
You also get a shave head tattoo layer to go with it in black, plus you get the same as an Omega Advanced tattoo layer for mesh heads!

Its 400L$ and in store now!

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Demon Studio - Enusa Horns Released

Enusa once again see a change in the design style with these elegant horns featuring upper inset gems, inset gem channels on the front, chain trims and cheeky pendant shrunken skulls.

They are 225L$ and they are in store now

Friday, 27 April 2018

Violet Studios Marketplace Update

The Marketplace is something merchants have a hate / hate affair with mostly down to how it works and as such over the years I slowly found myself dreading going on to it and adding new stuff.

Recently I became truly aware of just how outdated my products were and decided to do something about it.

Firstly, I know many customers may have bought outdated items that were updated in world. For those customers there is good news. Head to the redelivery terminals in world and see what's in there. Everything that has been updated is now in the Casper Redelivery system.

Secondly, I have finally been able to take down all the insanely outdated products including my original demon skins (not even ADV spec and before you say it, I attempted to do this before, but the Marketplace kept throwing wobblies). Surprisingly by the time I had finished I had roughly 300 products still online.

Over the last month I have been tackling the market place - it is why I have been so quiet and the vast majority of Violet Studios best sellers are now on there!

Let me break it down:
LTX - Now full on the Market Place - if it's in world, it's now on there
Fusion - 95% of the Fusion product line is now on the Marketplace, male and female
VSX - oddly this was mostly up to date and on there.
vString - All the latest Verson 5 models are now on there across the Revolutions, Essential and Specials. Most of the range was still on version 4 or earlier.
Verotic - Now here is a surprise. The whole line up of Verotic Male and Female Skins are now on the Market Place.
Headmaster - I know a lot of the range is old, but I have put roughly 90% of the Headmasters line up.
Violet Cybernetics was on the market place and mostly up to date, but I have now put the Cyber hairs up too.
Hanabi 2.0 - I have put roughly 70% of the reworked Hanabi Worxx store up, mostly the best sellers.
Optica Eyewear is now fully up.

Finally... the Demon Studio.
This was always well catered for on the market place but as I mentioned, the skins were painfully out of date. I am pleased to say that all ADV2 Omega Advanced ready Demon Studio skins are now on the market place, male and female.

At this moment I have near enough 800 products on there. Nowhere near my full selection but my best sellers. I still have some work to do on this and I am hoping I will be able to get things sorted out soon.

Regular services and new products are now resumed.


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Demon Studio - Rexta Horns Released

The Rexta Horns are a simple temple style hornset which sweep back from the side. The come with inlayed jewel channels, 4 jewels on the upper surface of each horn and on the underside two chaims with pendent tassles.

They are 175L$ and in store now!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Demon Studio - Chochel Horns Released

I am pleased to release a the Chochel Horns. These are an elegant spiral horn with minimal metal prim and come with or without tassles.
They are 200L$ and are in store now.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Fusion Male - Furry Heavy Anthro Legs Released

As per Violet Studios Mantra, customers make our business and as such, after a customer asked for these, who am I to say no?

These legs give you the full line of male compatibility with Fusion Male Skinny, Genesis, Athletic, Gladiator and Barbarian available with forward compatibility if new bodies are released.

They are 600L$ and in store now!


Monday, 2 April 2018

Market Place Updates - LTX Now Live

I think it is fair to say over the last five years I have been subconsciously avoiding the Marketplace. As users I am sure you have your own opinions of it, but I will tell you that for Merchants it is has been a swine to deal with.
Between the awful interfaces and the sheer amount of time it took do do things, not to mention the number of times I ended up pulling my hair out because of it, I ended up distancing myself from it for my own sanity.
The result has been my products on the market place have been falling way out of date and I decided it was time I brought things up to scratch.

Firstly you will notice the Verotic and Demon Studio skins have gone. Don't worry. They are coming back but with the latest versions.I have also uploaded and installed all the new Valhalla horns on the demon studio side.

My main focus today though was going through store by store, and the first on the list was LTX. With the exception of the LTX Hairs, I have put the whole studio on the Market Place now.
This process is going to continue over the week as I bring what I have in world on to the market place although as today has proven, working like a maniac all day, I only managed to do 100 items. Considering that barely scratches the surface of what I have, I think I might be at this for a while.

Expect more from me soon, plus I do have new products nearly ready for release.


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Demon Studio - Seccai Horns

Seccai are a beutiful halo framed horn set quite different to the usual offers from Violet Studios. With inset gems, piercing and spikes, these horns exude elegance and style.
As always you get full unlimited 3 integration throughout with hundreds of textures and materials options open to customers.

They are 250L$ and are in store now.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Fusion Supercurves Pregnancy body

Just letting customers know the new Supercurves Pregancy special body and pick n mix lower body are now in store.

I can't show them here but you can see them on the Adult Blog!

Saturday, 24 March 2018

LTX - Forza Pony Gloves Released

This has been on the cards for a while and I kept forgetting to do them, but finally I have released them. One of my customers asked for the Forza arms to be refitted with Pony gloves and this is the result.

You get the same basic design as the Forza Gloves, but with the hands changed over to pony hooves.

It is 500L$ in store now and you get loads of options - just see the image above.

Fusion Realz 6 Chests now available

I have just released the Fusion Realz pack 6 - the so called Realz Implants.
I could go over it all again, but the fact is all the details can be found on the adult blog as they are not PG photoshoots.

Click here for more

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Fusion - Beyond Torso & Cute Body Released

I have released two new products in the Fusion store today

First is the Beyond lower body. This is effectively the largest lower body I do now making the Titans look small.

Secondly at the other end of the scale is Cute. Cute at first glance doesnt seem to be anything special, except its specially designed for regular sized avatars. By that I mean 5.5 feet tall rather than 7...

Full details are on the adult blog for both products including pictures.

The Beyond Lower body and the Cute Lower body or complete ready to wear body are in store now.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Hippo's Demise - The Fall Out

As customers you may well have heard that one of Second Life's biggest vendor systems, Hippo went under a few weeks back. Summing this all up, the servers they used to send goods around the grid effectively burnt out. They then said they were quitting the grid.
This decision on their parts has left thousands of merchants and customers high and dry when it comes to sales but worse redeliveries.

I saw this coming back in 2016 when there were technical issues with Hippo, and I made the decision to move away from the Vending system to Casper. As such the Hippo database of sales was migrated to Casper and I thought that was the end of it. I did however continue to use Hippo Update as for some reason I didn't realise that this was actually also linked to their servers.

What this means for customers is that any updater supplied with a Violet Studio Product is now borked. With the loss of Hippos servers, the system will no longer work.
Yeah, it left me in a pretty foul mood.

I have been working towards getting Casper Update operational since I found out about this and the first piece of this are starting to slot in to place. I have also with my team investigated if there was any way to get around the updater, but sadly the same systems put in place to stop people illegally breaking in to them also stop any form of remedial work. This leaves me with some problems, although it's not a complete disaster.

Any Product bought through the Casper System is logged to your personal account name. This means that if you bought an item in world, then you will be able to go in to my stores to the redelivery terminal. From there, you can go on to their service and redeliver the items.
This does leave the problem of the Market Place though, but thankfully Casper has a solution there too.
I have downloaded sales from 2011 to present and linked Casper up to the Marketplace so now if you bought an item on there, you can again come in store, go to the redelivery terminal and download an update.

So, there is hope... But I really need to look at where the updateable products are.

Fusion - All Fusion products come with an updater included. As Fusion is sold through Casper and the Market Place it means that you can go in world and simply grab an update from the redelivery terminals. The only exclusion to this is if you were given an item directly from me (gifts etc). In those cases contact me in world.

vString Implants - These are very much the same as Fusion. Head to the Redelivery terminal in world and gain drop me a line if that doesn’t work.

Demon Wings - I have to be honest here. I know these are now old school and they were all due to be pulled from sale this year and replaced. There has been no significant update to these since 2014 and I have Bento flavoured wings in development. As such, regardless these are now officially discontinued and there will be no more updates. If you still have a set of Version 3's that you desperately need updating let me know but Version 9 is the final version.

Violet Cybernetics - Again, these products have reached their ultimate versions. Although remaining on sale, there will be no further updates.

Violet Studio Skin - These cover Verotic, LTX, Verotic Male and Demon Studio. I released the 2.1 ADV2 applier some time ago and customers should have updates these by now. Sadly though I have been looking at the Starlight skin base now for some time and I have been looking at replacing all current skins I have on sale. There is nothing more I can really do with my skins. They have Omega built in and they are the pinnacle of my skin design process, on a technical level. As such, again while only a formality, as there will be no more updates, these have reached the end of the line, even if they are still quite lovely.

LTX Mesh Items - These have always been sold exclusively in world and sadly for that reason, there will be no further updates. I believe everyone should be up to date though as really the Forza line hasn’t changed that much.

And now, the worst is left for last...

It is fair to say, VSX is probably one of my best sellers both inworld and on the marketplace.
The VSX line reached its pinnacle with Version 6 and at that point, there really wasn’t much more I could do with it. Transferred to Mesh with materials, the products were as good as they got while staying within the realms of their original design scope.
VSXM was also a product line I pretty much nailed from the outset. Currently on Version 1.51 the last update saw materials and Omega Support added for the bulge. This all said, since 2013, the products have really required only 3 updates and they were pretty minor ones at that.
I have been muttering to myself for some time that I should bring new products out in the form of the VSXR line which has been on the work bench for some time. This situation really does hammer home the point that it is time I got on with that project. With no new updates planned for VSX or VSXM, I have decided to stop development on them, even if there was development I had planned, which there wasn't.
There is one slight bit of good news though. If you bought from the market place, I have put them on Casper, so visit the redelivery terminal in world and get what you need.
I really don’t want to say this, but... if you are still using Version 2 or 3 of VSX, and you really want the update... contact me in world and I will see what I can do.

So there you have it. I will over the next few weeks, be swapping out the defunct hippo updaters on all products and replacing them with Casper Updaters. This will be for products that are continuing their development process such as vStrings or Fusion.

I wish I had better news than this, but sadly this matter is out of my control although I hope you can see I am making every effort to ensure customers are well catered for.


I have now completed the migration of Marketplace Sales to Casper. If you have bought any currently available product from Violet Studios on the Marketplace that has been updateable, if you go in store to the redelivery terminal you can now get the lastest versions there.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

vString X-Fet Version 5 now out!

Hold on... I just released the Version 4.5 X-Fets didn't I?

Well, considering everything that has been going on, I wasn't going to leave them out of the equation.
You get the Omega Advanced / ADV update which works on both the Skin and the UV Top including materials support so now setting your breasts is a breeze!
Also, I have spent some time reworking the skin mapping and now it is far superior to how it was before.

As with the current updater situation, it is best to pop in store and use the redelivery service.


vString X_X Version 5 Released

The final model of the Essentials to be updated to Version 5 is the X_X model.
In the pack you will find only the Evo Omega chest plate versions, but if you want the classic versions of 4.5, the box is included.

As with the other models you get full Omega Advanced and ADV integration for the clothing, Bra and UV Top so these are so easy to set up. Don't forget these are not rigged too so you can upscale for macro avatars and the likes.

As with the notice posted on the main blog, customers can get the update in store and I am working on transferring sales made on the market place to the Casper system. I will announce that soon.

If you would like to see the pictures, you are welcome to visit the adult blog


Violet Studios Update System out of Action

Over the last week, many people have been contacting me saying that the Update System which is included with selected products was not working. Last night I investigated the issues and found that the customer were correct - the Updater system was not working. 

Checking in to this, much to my horror I found that Hippo, the company I purchased the update system from was out of action and unbeknownst to me, their update system was web enabled, which means with their customer site out of commission, the whole updater system collapsed.

Hippo on their website are being quite vague about what is going on or even if it is going to come back at all. Needless to say, it looks like a distinct possibility that the update system is now defunct.

So, where does this leave you?

Primarily for the most regular updated products such as Fusion or vString, you should be fine. Because I moved my vendor system over to Casper a few years back, you can use the redelivery terminal in store to get your updates.

If you bought your fusion or vString products on the market place you will be supported too. Casper does have a system where you can import sales from the market place and I will be sorting out customer updates there too. In other words you will be able to update your product via the redelivery terminal.

This situation is a mess and I am not happy to say the least. I will be going through all updateable products soon and installing new Casper Updaters to replace the defunct Hippo ones.
I can only apologise to customers but sadly it is out of my hands.

If you have a product that you need updating and you can't get it from the redelivery terminal, please contact Hemi Violet in world and I will try to get this sorted for you. 

Do remember I am only human though and even I can't do everything.

Monday, 19 February 2018

vString XL and XXL Version 5 Released

I think you will be getting the theme here by this point.
The XL and XXL vStrings have been released with Omega Advaned and ADV support.

Visit in store to get the latest updates.
Unfortunately I have been made aware that due to reasons beyond my control, the update system is currently out of action. I am investigating this and I should have a solution soon.
If you bought these in world visit the redelivery terminal in store.
If you bought on the Marketplace, I will getting this updated soon and you will be able to get updates.
I do apologise for this inconvience and know I am working on it.

If you would like to see the pictures, click here

vString X-Loon Version 5 Released

The vString Version 5 update continues with the release of the X-Loons.
You still get all the features you love, but things have changed. As with the other models that have been updated, you now get full Omega Advanced and ADV Support for the skin, clothing and Underwear layers. That goes for textures and materials!
What this effectively means is setting up your breasts should now be a breeze.

As you can see from the picture above this update suits them.

Simply wear your updater, or head in store for a redelivery.

As this is a PG Blog I cant show you the pictures, but if you click here you can visit the adult blog

Thursday, 15 February 2018

vString Xilu Breasts Version 5 Released

You are in for a treat with these, but I have already done a full write up on the adult blog - click here to view it

A Short breakdown.
* The Classic versions have been updated to the latest code spec with improved mesh work.
* The Evo versions have been replaced with full spec Revolution 5 fitted mesh version which are also Omega Advanced and ADV2 compatible for the skin, clothing and materials.
* You now get fully integrated Fusion Ultima components included!

Wear your updater or visit in store for a redelivery!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Fusion Ultima - Bubblez Pregnancy Special Body

Since the release of Bubblez, I have had more than a few requests for a special pregnancy version of my bimbo style bodies and as you should know by now, I do like to listen to my customers... so here it is.

As with all the Pregnancy bodies, you get 7 torsos which go through 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 months, plus the 9 month twins and the 0_o versions.
This body features the Genesis arms and breaking from the norm considering this is a bimbo body, you get the Orbz Tights.

It is due to its design a Lite spec body with the torso having no show hide zones.

It's 2000L$ for the complete body....

Unless you already own a fusion body, at which point you could simply pick n mix it with the torso only. This is 1000L$.

For more details and pictures, see the Adult Blog.

Gym Bodies - Sophia Muscle Body Released

Following on from the release of the Kelly Body, I am pleased to introduce Sophia.
Where as Kelly was a quite well built athletic body design, Sophia has some serious muscles on her.

I could carry on in detail here but the full details of Sophia and Images are on the Adult Blog.
Click this link to go there and have a look

vString Revolutions Beyond Breasts Released

It seems the Beyond Breasts are popular with my customers to degree I have been asked to convert them over to vString Revolution specs. I'm not one to argue and the result is (to the best of my knowledge) the largest Fitted Mesh breasts available on SL. Beyond really do take things to the extreme and these really do go beyond all acceptable norms.

You get full fitted mesh with Clothing, Underwear and Skin layers all Omega Advanced and ADV ready. You also get Pasties and a Classic Tanktop you can use with older applier - a nod to the past in a way.

They come with Large, Fat and Mega nipples versions and include three models - Mega, Giga and OTT. There is also the standard vString piercing system too.

They are in store at 1000L$ which includes the Beyond Fusion Versions

As always, I can't really show you pictures here, but you can see them on the Adult Blog

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Fusion vString Silicone Update

You don't get it right all the time....
Seems during my sales folder assemblies I made a mistake on the Fusion Silicones not including the nipples for the Juicy model.
I have fixed this now so if you wear the updater or visit in store you can get the right items.

Apologies for this.

Fusion Ultima - Beyond Breasts Update

I realise these have only been out a matter of weeks now however with the current updates to the Fusion chest modules line, the Beyond models were the only ones not to get the nipple updates. This has now been rectified with this update. You now get the Large, Fat and Mega nipple options on the breasts.

As always, wear your updater to get the latest version or simply visit in store and get the redelivery.

As this is a PG blog, no picture, but you can go here to have a look.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Fusion Ultima Toon Breasts Update

Following on from the Update to all of the Fusion breasts with the addition Large, Fat and Mega nipple options, I have now completed the rework of the Fusion Ultima Toon Breasts which now include these additional nipples.

All you need to do is wear your updater or visit in store and get a redelivery to grab the last versions.

If you want to see the images, you can visit the adult blog here


Thursday, 8 February 2018

vString Revolution Orbz Breasts Released

Following on from the Revolution Version 5 Release, I am very pleased to announce the first new set of vString Revolutions for some time.
Orbz will be familiar to many as they were originally designed for Fusion Ultima however I have had a lot of customers asking for stand alone versions and who am I to deny that request.

You get full fitted mesh with Clothing, Underwear and Skin layers all Omega Advanced and ADV ready. You also get Pasties and a Classic Tanktop you can use with older applier - a nod to the past in a way.

They come with Large, Fat and Mega nipples versions and include three models - Tight, Overfilled and Hyper. There is also the standard vString piercing system too.

They are in store at 1000L$ which includes the Orbz Fusion Versions....
Talking of which....

Yes, with this release it does mean I have also updated Fusion Ultima Orbz with the additional nipples. You just need to wear your updater to get them or visit in store and see the redelivery terminal.

I also realise that some customers may want to upgrade to the full Revolution version. If you do, drop me a notecard inworld and I will be happy to do those upgrades for you for 500L$.

Pictures and information can be found by clicking here to visit the adult blog

vString Revolution 5.0 Now Out

In 2014, Violet Studios introduced the Revolutions, Second Life's first fitted mesh breasts. Over the following years, the Revolutions have been improved and expanded until Version 4.6, where they reached a point where nothing more really could be done.
Since then, things have changed dramatically on the grid with the rise of mesh bodies, including my own Fusion brand which also form part of the Revolutions as well, offering seamless integration.

With Omega Advanced and ADV now offering full skin, clothing and tattoo layer support and being widely used by many companies, I decided to take a look at the Revolutions again and the result is Version 5, and it is a radical departure, while being oddly familiar.

To start with the Revolution 5's have lost a model. The Petites have been upgraded, however because of their size, they have proven far too problematic. They will be available as updates soon. All other Revolution Models have been upgraded though.

The V5 models are effectively all new Mesh based on Fusion Ultima. The upper body joint has been painstakingly remapped to ensure smooth transition, but more importantly, they have kept the Revolutions UV Mapping. This is important because it means they now use standard SL body textures, which means they are ADV and Omega Advanced compatible.

No more applier issues or problems. If a skin, an item of clothing or a tattoo is supported by Omega or ADV, you can use them on the Revolutions. The only down side is that you will need to purchase the Omega Activator, which is 99L$ and is available in store with the Revolutions.

I have also reworked the smart nipples dropping the over complex mesh structure in favour of a smoother structure. That said, you only get 3 nipple choices now (2 on the Naturals).
Overall, these are the perfect implants. They are a breeze to work with, offer full materials support and will tie in to both the SL avatar and mesh bodies without a hitch.

If you own the Revolutions, simply wear your updater, or visit in store and see the Redelivery terminal.

It doesn’t stop there though. Fusion also features separate Revolution spec breasts which are included. When Ultima was released, I did say I was going to retrofit them with improved nipple designs. Well, now you have them. All the nipples featured on the Revolutions are now included and ready to use with Fusion Revo breasts.
Again, wear the updater or visit in store and see the redelivery terminal.

Expect some new developments soon.

As this is a PG blog I can't show you pictures, however you can if you click this link

Fusion Ultima - vString Fusion Breasts Update

Back when Fusion Ultima was released, I said that I would get the original 1.5 nipple options converted, however with things like this, time is always a factor.

I am pleased to say though that I have updated the vString Fusion Petites, Naturals, Saline, Silicone, Helium and Stars with multiple nipple options.
You get the Original Flat Style nipple, the Large nipple, the Fat Nipple, and the Mega Nipple (Mega not available on Petites and Naturals)

This is a free update, so simply wear your updater or visit in store for the redelivery terminal.

On a side note, it has been noted that the Silicone Jiggler breasts had issues over their UV Mapping. I have tried repeatedly to fix this issues without success however after getting rather aggressive with them, they are now completely reworked and perfectly symmetrical once more.

No piccies because this is a PG blog but you can click here to see them if you want.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Gym Bodies - Kelly Mesh Muscle Body now in Store

A Break for normal services here folks...

I cant show you the pictures though as this is a PG Blog. You can click this link though to go to the adult blog for full details

Fusion has its limits and when you are trying to make compatible mesh components there is always a limiting factor which is why I never really did a full on muscle mesh before.
Gym Bodies is the first of a series of Fitted Mesh bodies new to the Fusion Main store.
At its core it is based on the Fusion Ultima mesh structure and as a result, it uses the VSXR Genitalia, Hand (Inlcuding the Bento Fusion Hands) and Feet.
That though is where the cross overs end. Fusion Ultima Parts are NOT compatible with the body.

Beyond that though this is a whole new animal.
As you can see, I haven't pulled my punches here and this is a beautiful sensual and sexy muscle body. It comes with the specially designed StarLight Muscle Skin developed just for this body and there are 9 skin tones on offer. You get multiple special materials for the body too.
Full details on the body and it specifcations can be found in store next to the sales boards - I would recommend you have a read and try the demo before you buy.

It's 1500L$ and its in store now!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Fusion Ultima - Realz 5 Chests now in store

Not everything is about going big with Fusion and many customers have asked for something a little different.
The Realz Lower breasts as pretty much what they say. They sit lower on the chest in a more natural way.

Full details and pictures are on the Adult Blog

They are 500L$ and they are in store now

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Fusion Faun Hooves now available

I have had many people ask me for these over the years and I finally thought I would give these a go.

The Faun Hooves are actually very thin and almost stick like hooves. Even Skizma considering their size were quite well built. These are designed for slim to medium avatars.
You get a full compliment of Fusion compatibility as always, plus they are available as Stand Alone versions too for use with other mesh bodies / the stock SL avatar.

As with all Fusion Hooves, you get three layers (Skin / Clothing / Tattoo), Daily hud and Designer HUD's for the stand alone versions and free updates.

They are 600L$, and demos are available to try before you buy.


Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fusion Ultima - Superthick Lower Body Released

As is always the case with me, you ask, I will see what I can do.
The Superthick Torso Lower bodies are designed for far wider set avatars working specifically with a hip width of 75-100 on the sliders. This does make the lower bodies extremely wide and considering they are very heavy set.

Sadly can't show the image here as this is a PG Blog but to see if you can click here

It's 500L$, you get two version - Regular and Extreme and they are in store now.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fusion Ultimate "Beyond" Chest Modules Released

Following on from the release of the Orbz Breasts, I had (as usual) a lot of customers asking for me to go bigger... Who am I to argue?
The Beyond Chest modules are effectively the largest breasts I produce in fitted meash with that super fake spherical look. You get three sizes - Huge, Beyond belief and way over the top.

As this is a PG Blog, I cant show you them here but if you click this link, you can take a look

They are 500L$ and in store now!


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fusion - Supercurves Updated

Just so customers know I was informed of a glitch on the supercurves relating to the clothing layers.
These have now been repaired and rereleased - Simply wear your updater or visit the redelivery terminal in store to get the fix.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Demon Studio - Ylondra Horns

I have been experimenting with design style as I move my horn designs forward and I have to say, these turned out really quite lovely.
These are quite different for two reasons. Firstly is the multi prong design on the tips I have experimented with before and the claw design which is quite unique. Secondly though is the inset gem channels along the length of the horns adding that extra little bit of beauty.

As always, these are Tartarus style dark horns with tassles, chains, inset gems all fully controllable on texture, colour etc via the Unlimited 3 HUDs which is free in my stores.

Priced at 250L$ these are a beautiful addition to any demon avatar.