Friday, 22 September 2017

vString X-Fet 4.5 Out Now

As promised the X-Fet Version 4.5's are now out.
Now including Evo version (compatible with Omega), vString Materials and all the 4.5 code base additional features.

Full details of this can be found on the Adult Blog for PG Reasons

To get the latest copies simply wear your updater or visit the store in world and use the redelivery terminal!

More soon!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Yes, I am still alive!

It has been a long summer and suffering from some burn out not to mention RL throwing some curve balls I have not exactly been finding the time to do much on SL of late although you can be assured I have been working.

I am finally in a place now where I can get back to working on SL again and thanks to the unpromtu break I have been itching to get on with some new ideas.

These will take the shape of entirely new products right across the range, updates that really should have been released ages ago and much more.

On the development list for this week are:
* The vString X-Fet 4.5 release which brings them up to the current essential spec and gives you an evo version which will be texturable with Omega.
* Fusion Upper body minor repair work (the neck for some reason has misbehaved)
* Bento Fusion Hands... yes, it took me long enough but I am hoping to have those out.

This is just a taster, but I will say that services at this point will resume as normal!

Finally... You will notice I have put a new box on to the top right.
Over the last year I have been working with a old SL friend on an off. He is an author of some very fine books which I have been helping to illustrate.
With my help he has now released a second life home with loads of fun information and models of his work.
The books are fun reads and full of weird if appealing plots including a series close to my heart, the world of demons.

Visit his blog here:

Find his Forgotten Library here in world

Expect the first news soon!