Friday, 5 September 2014

Fusion Modular Fitted Mesh Body System released

For many months now, its not exactly been a secret that Violet Studios have been working on a Mesh body. In fact, the development process has been going for near enough 6 months.

Finally though, the rumours become reality with the release of Fusion - perhaps the most advanced body system ever seen on SL.

The name Fusion wasn’t an accident. It sums up what the Fusion Mesh system is all about.
Utilising well thought out design theories, innovative creation methods, Fusion is capable of virtually unlimited combination, giving users thousands of body configuration options, all in a neat, easy to use package.

Mesh bodies have often been beautifully built, but highly inflexible items. By comparison, the stock avatar can offer far more flexibility but is more lacking due to the fact you are attaching parts that will never be truly seamless.

This is where Fusion is very different.

Fusion is a modular body. What this means is, its built in different pieces. So, if you buy the Fusion Genesis full body, in the Folder you will find there are separate objects for the Arms, Chest, Nipples, Finger Nails, Torso, Legs and Feet. By wearing all of these items together, you assemble the body in its pieces to form a seamless whole.

However, because Fusion is constructed in this way, it means you can swap out pieces of the body and replace them with completely new pieces. As an example, you already own the Wideloads Classic’s Butts, and the vString Revolution Petites.
All you need to do is grab the latest update to these and you will find a new Fusion Box in each of them which you should unpack. Inside the Revolution Petite box, you will find there are now Fusion Chest modules and Fusion Nipples for each of the Petite models. Inside the Wideloads you will find there are Fusion Torso and legs for each of the Classic Models.

Wearing the Genesis body, and wearing as an example, the Fusion Petite “Melon” breasts and nipples, and the Wideload Classic Fusion Hourglass Torso and Legs, you have now got a full body with the elements from both the Revolutions and Wideloads.

However, this is the important bit. These elements are seamless.
There is no seam joints where the breasts meet the body, and no line where the butt meets the waist. Whats more, these work with the majority of Windlight settings so you can be assured that for almost all Windlight settings, you and the people viewing you, will not see any ugly or unsightly lines.

Its clear when you look at whats available on the market today, Fusion is (as you would expect from the Innovators at Violet Studios) a completely new and intelligent quantum leap forward in mesh bodies

But I think I should stop the marketing  pitch here. Needless to say, the full information is available in store. I could go on for hours about the huge features list Fusion offers customers.
There are demos in store.
You can choose from:
Genesis - this is a classic SL style avatar body that will work with many designers mesh attachment
Supermodel - a slender but sexy style femme
Athletic - realistic more muscular and toned
Amazon - rather over the top for me, but atypically, very feminine
Ruben - a plumper more rounded body
Andro - a less feminine style body, but surprisingly sexy.

All of these bodies come in at 1500L$

There is also our Special edition mutli stage pregnancy body with 7 different stages and unique breast designs which is coming in at 2000L$

All of these work with vString Revolution Fusions and Wideloads if you so choose.

Check Fusion out by heading to the Polymorph store (its inbetween the VSX and vString Stores on Pheadra)

vString Revolution Helium & 4.2 Release, Wideload 1.2 Update, and Style Heels V4 update

vString Revolution Helium and 4.2 Release

I am proud to announce the arrival of the new vString Revolution Helium Model as well as the awaited release of the Version 4.2 Update to the Revolutions overall.

As this is Adult, full details can be found here.

Wideloads 1.2 Update

Continuing our ongoing commitment to bringing you the very best products on the market I am please to announce the release of  Wideloads V1.2.

For 1.2 we have extensively looked at the way the textures seat so they are as smooth and realistic as they can be. In addition we have also included a new “Pants Flare” extra piece.
The most important update is the release of a Fusion Ready Lower Body for each of the Wideloads, so now you can, using the Fusion Mesh bodies, have a seamless lower body with no windlight issues.

If you choose to buy a Fusion Body, all you need to do is wear the relevant Wideloads Fusion Torso and Legs modules and the body is now wearing seamless and windlight independent Wideloads!
See the Polymorph Studio for more details on Fusion & how it works.
Style Heels Version 4 Update
With the Release of Fusion, we have now released an updated model for All style heels that combines the best of the original design with all the advanced skin and clothing options found on Fusion.
If you are thinking of a Fusion Mesh Body, then grab the update.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Second Life 2? Don't Panic

I have put this up as a short FAQ, as some of you may have heard rumours that “Second Life 2” is coming, and a hell of a lot of what is being said is conjecture or rumour.
I have researched SL2 and assembled the most pertinent questions people have with Official Linden Lab responses.

What is going to happen to Second Life (the original one)?
From everything I have read, nothing. It will be here for probably the next 5 years or more.
It’s not going anywhere, your inventories are safe, your sims are safe, there are no issues.
It will be developed further, improvements made and it will be continued to be supported.
This is not conjecture, rumour or me filling in the blanks. This is from Ebbe Linden (CEO Linden Lab).

What is Second Life 2?
SL2 is a separate development – a whole NEW grid based on vastly improved all new gaming engine. It is going to be developed parallel to Second Life – so as a user you will be able to use Second Life and Second Life 2, but you will most likely need to swap viewer to log in to SL2.
SL 2 is NOT going to replace Second Life.  Again, this is fact direct from Ebbe Linden.

Will SL2 be Sanitised?
One thing that people have been worried about is if SL2 be a PG rated. Ebbe Linden has confirmed that whatever you can do or is available in SL will be allowed in SL2. So adult products, Adult sims etc etc, all available.

Can you Transfer your Inventories between SL and SL2?
Right now, they are saying no although the project is in such an early stage of development it is very unclear. It doesn’t mean that in time some transfer won’t be possible.
In addition, you are NOT going to lose your Second Life inventory as the original SL isn’t being discontinued. The SL2 Inventory will be a blank sheet. More detail should emerge in time.

What are the Time Scales?
This part hasn’t really been commented on outside of saying 2015/2016 before release.
From what has been said, SL2 project is currently in its Embryonic stages – probably less than a few months old and is still in information gathering stages.
Lets be realistic here. We are probably a good 9-12 months away from a semi operational Beta and the beta itself could be 6-12 months before public release hence we are looking at a year or two.
However... even when you have a live system running, this is a blank sheet.
No sims, No products to buy... Nothing.  It is then up to creators to migrate to SL2. This process by itself could potentially take years to do before SL2 could even rival Second Life.
So realistically, designers and users shouldn’t really expect SL2 to be viable before 2017 at the very earliest.

Where does this leave Second Life, and its users?
In exactly the same place we were last month The fact is we know something we didn’t know before.
SL2 is now in build, but its going to be a while before we see it, let alone use it.
All we can do, is sit back, get on with things just like we did before knowing NOTHING is really going to change in the short or long term on Second Life and wait to see how things take shape with Second Life 2.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

ADV Version 1.01 Release – Wowmeh, Ghetto Booty & Manoua’s Muscles

In March 2014 after an eyewatering amount of time in development, I proudly released the ADV Applier system on to the grid.
ADV, our ADVanced Mesh Applier system, is a massive technical innovation designed to give customers fast simple access to Violet Studios Skins and Clothing by simply cutting out the need for thousands of separated appliers, and rather building scripts to control various products.

At the time of launch, I am not sure if customers really understood what ADV was about, but a few did come forward and asked if I would look at some products. And now, I can show those customers who have bought an ADV Skin or Clothing item what this system really can do with the first major update to ADV.

At the launch, ADV only really had one script install product, specifically for Phat Azz.
Now, I do have to apologise to customers here, but if you have installed the Phat Azz script previously, you will find there is a V1.1 script in the update. This has been done to take advantage of both clothing layers, so I would recommend that you remove the original script and replace it with the new 1.1 script.

Joining the Phat Azz scripts you will find three new products joining the line up.
We have produced a script to fit in to the uLukie Ghetto Booty.
Also, you will find we have produced another pair of scripts for the Manoua’s Muscle Body Range.
Finally, the much mentioned Wowmeh Fitted Mesh bodies have now got the ADV scripting too.

So, with Version 1.01, you have skin and clothing ADV options for  Polymorph (at the moment just the Wideloads), Phat Azz, Sking Brazillia, Ghetto Booty, Manoua’s Muscle Bodies, and the Wowmeh Body.

As always, ADV is an interactive process between Violet Studios and our customers.
As long as a item you have uses the SL Body textures, its Mod, and its set up in a predictable way, we can most likely convert that product to work with ADV, and then open up new options not just for you, but for other customers as well, and very quickly too.

Send a note to Hemi Violet, and I will arrange to meet up and take a look and see how I can help.

So... finally.
Where do you get the Update?

The 1.1 Update is free so don’t worry about that.
I have put out the update in several spots around the Violet Studios main stores.

You can find it in
The Customer Service centre (that’s in the middle of the lake)
Verotic Skins Main Store (teleport Landing area – its behind the Desk)
Demon Studio – Whats new Area (look on the boards by the stairs)
LTX Store – in the Teleport landing area
Verotic Clothing – its at the landing area and dotted around the store too.

Enjoy the Update!

**** ADDENDUM****

Seems like inbetween our initial research and development in to Manoua's Muscles, there has been an update released which has changed the design.
We have just done a minor fix on the original scripts which deal with Pre Version 1.6 models of Manoua's Muscle Bodies, and we have create a whole new line up of Version 1.6 scripts which now give you access to the lastest body.
If you have already got copies of the script and dont have the 1.6 versions, pop back to store and grab the updated box.
Sorry about that

Verotic & LTX Clothing – ADV Mesh Applier system

This is a short update with a large implication – In March 2014 we released after a vast effort our ADV System designed to apply Skins to other people mesh products.
This was always going to be part 1 though, as there was a second system that needed to be looked at – the ADV Clothing project.
Virtually all mesh body part replacement systems on the grid, including our own Polymorph lines feature a two layer clothing set up.
The ADV Clothing Applier system has taken every Violet Studios clothing product for sale at the moment, and converted them at great cost (wanna see a migrane?) to the ADV System.

What that means is, in one quiet but powerful swoop, all of Verotic Clothing and LTX is now featuring the ultra flexible ADV applier which is effectively a swiss army knife when it comes to mesh.
At this moment, this means that with the ADV scripts installed in your products of choice (these are available for free in store), you can apply to Polymorph (at the moment just the Wideloads), Phat Azz, Sking Brazillia, Ghetto Booty, Manoua’s Muscle Bodies, and the new Wowmeh Body.
See the above posting for more on the ADV 1.1 Release, and remember, as time goes on, ADV will be adding more products to its supported list, giving you semi future proofed compatibility in a fraction of the time that building traditional appliers would, plus its so much simpler to work with.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Polymorph Wideloads Version 1.1 Update Released

Roughly a month ago, I released our first generation of Wideloads Fitted Mesh lower bodies (or Butts if you want) .
Since then, we have been listening to customers feedback, request and also finding out some new if rather strange techniques when it comes to Fitted Mesh.

The result of this comes together in the Wideloads Version 1.1 release.
The improvements are split in to two areas.

Firstly the Skin / Clothing layers have had extensive clean up work done over how the texture sit on them, cutting out a lot of the more jagged edges and texture distortions. Customers will now find everything works a great deal better.

Secondly, thanks to a strange "bug" of fitted/rigged mesh, the wideloads have now moved to seamless skin tight tattoo / clothing layers.
This design method has allowed us to solve multiple issues all at the same time. As these are skin tight they now behave exactly as you would expect with no gap between the layers. This in turn has cured all clip through issues on the clothing layers hence on the new HUDs, there is no clip fix system as its no longer needed. The disappearing tattoo layer is now also a thing of the past, and the minor issue that was going on over the waist area with compounding layers is now also a thing of the past.

I would like to thank all those customers who got in touch with their issues, and as always have helped to build better products for everyone.
Already have the Wideloads - To get the 1.1 release, all you need to do is wear the updater in the sales box and the new model will be sent to you


Thursday, 1 May 2014

vString Revolutions V4 and Two New Revolution models

Although I cant give the full details here as this is the PG blog, I can say the Version 4 Revolutions are now available with a large list of improvements, repairs and new features.

If you own either the Naturals or the Silicones, simply wear the update that came with your breasts to get the Version 4's.

On the flip side, there are two entirely new models of Revolutions available.
The New Petites and the Mid range Salines.

Full details can by found by clicking here

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Wideloads Butts Released / Polymorph Studio Opens

More details on the butts can be found in our Adult Area - get there by clicking here

There are 4 Different models on offer and are Physics Capable Fitted Mesh Lower body "butt" systems with a variety of sizes, plus all the advantages you get from fitted mesh.

Polymorph Studio has also finally opened as quite some time in developments - admittedly there is only 4 products there right now, but expect it to start filling up rather rapidly over the coming months.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

vString - X-Moo's available and Store moved

As with all the adult related products, more details on this can be found by clicking here

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Prey Boots Updated to Fitted Mesh

Since the original release of the Prey series boots, I have always had a niggle over how Rigged Mesh worked, plus the multiple sizes you had to create for each set of boots.

Fitted Mesh cures this issue so now the shape sliders work for leg muscles and after doing some experimenting with Fitted Mesh early on in its pre-release, I managed to get a full tester done for the prey boots.
Since then though the ADV project and several other larger developments took over all my time.

I am now pleased to say, all the Prey boots in both LTX and Verotic Stores plus their extras have now been upgraded to Fitted Mesh specifications.
As always, this is a free update for existing customers-  just wear your updater to get the latest versions.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

ADV Demoness Skins - Elyssian, Veyra, Abyss & Torya

I will go in to details of this release, but first I think its best to give you the highlights.

Violet Studios Demoness ADV is everything you have come to expect from us, with the detailing and quality of our skins.

Whats new on the Demoness ADV Skins?

The Elyssian and Veyra Skins have been expanded to 22 Skin Colours with a choice of 20 high quality make ups to choose from.
Abyss has been expanded to 15 colours and each skin has 15 choices of high quality make up.

Elyssian, Veyra & Abyss all have our new 2014 Face designs.

There are now Extras model skins available which can transform your look (see below).
Finally, the long awaited  and extremely smart "Mesh Applier System" has arrived which is designed to apply the body textures to mesh items. At the moment we support Phat Azz, Sking "Butts"  and Violet Studios Polymorph products (due for launch in April May). More product support will be added over time and possibly sooner than you can imagine.

In addition - if you see below, VSXM, our Wings and our Hooves have all been updated to use the 15 new colours.

Best thing to do is take a look in store - in total there are nearly 1000 new skin products available.

I do know that customers who have bought skins in the past would like to get the update to the mesh applier system too. Sadly I cant do this as a free update however there are now full skin boards in store covering
Currently Elyssian, Veyra and Abyss are covered by the Update Centre. I have decided considering Scythe was last seen in store back in 2011, not to cover the Scythe or older Demoness skins.
 They do cost 300L$ each but will give you the capability to utilise mesh products without having to update. The ADV Update Centre is located on the upper floor, just above where the Female Hooves are on the lower level.
The one bonus item though is Torya, considering it is a vastly simpler skin (although not in design), I have provided that as a free update for customer - simply wear your updater.

What more detailed info... then read on.

Since 2009, Violet Studios have been creating Innovative and delicious skins, constantly bringing new features and styles, often breaking new ground over what skins are capable of. For example, in 2009 we were the first company on the grid to offer support to multiple models of breasts implants and in 2010 we were the first to offer a full multi make up complete “realistic” demoness muscle skin.
ADV is our Advanced Series skins system. With over two years of preparation and over 8 months of assembly work, we are very proud to release this innovation in skins.

2014 Faces & Make Ups
One of the largest changes to the skins themselves is the reworking of our faces. 
On the Make Up side, we have pushed the boat out. With a standard choice of 20 make ups for Elyssian and Veyra, and 15 for Abyss, you get the old familiar styles but with an all new, highly polished look.

ADV Skins
As with all previous Violet Studios Skins you get our usual selection of features skins wise taking multiple styles either as full skins over tattoo layer overlays. See the skin board for the exact contents.
You also get our full skin or Tattoo Layer “Blanker” skin system, which is designed for use with Tattoo Layer make up such as our own Evolution Make ups. These Blankers are available with or without Eyebrows, and include multiple styles of Tattoo Layer eyebrows which are also tintable on the Elyssian / Veyra Skins (not for Abyss).

ADV Extras Skins 
These new skins are designed as Extras that can either be used stand alone with the addition of tattoo layer make up, or if you own a full like for like skins (prebuilt with make ups) you can use the Tattoo layer bodies to overlay those. In addition, for Elyssian and Veyra you can use these new bodies with older skins.
In addition, Extras skins do give up the ability to quickly build and deploy who new ranges of skins, so if you would like to see something specific, send us a notecard!

Breast Implants 
One of our classic innovations, today our Breast Applier system is one of the most advanced on Second Life. Built as an easy to use HUD (no messy multiple applier to clutter up your inventory), we support multiple brands of implants including our own vString Line (All Models), Ecorp (Overfilled, Anime and Naturals), Icon Bra Busters, Lolas (Tango, Mirage, Natural and Push ups). Although no longer officially supported, for those legacy skins, we do still offer Implant Nation Universal Appliers, but for our newer skins, be aware, we don’t support them.
You also get multiple versions of the breast appliers covering Natural or Oiled.
In Addition, on the ADV release, we now have unique Lolas Tangos / vString Evo & Revolution appliers for each skin - so Veyra and Elyssians appliers for the chest plate designs are different!

Mesh Applier System 
Bringing a whole new dimension to Violet Studios is our new Mesh applier system. With each skin you get 2 appliers – a Body applier, and a Face applier.
These extremely innovative appliers are a proactive system, rather than being a reactive system.  Rather than having hundreds of appliers for individual product lines, the Mesh Applier system just has the two appliers, and through innovate use of scripting which can be installed in to products, these applier can cover literately hundreds of products, as long as we have built a script for the said product.
At this moment, the appliers are designed to work with Violet Studios Polymorph product lines, Phat Azz, and Sking lower body “butt” mesh items (sadly not for full bodies).
More information on the Mesh applier can be found on the Mesh boards, however if you have a product that you would love to be able to use with your Violet Studios Skin, as long as it is Mod and is set up in a predictable way, we can take a look at it, and deploy a script update which you can then install in the product and it is then ADV compatible. Contact Hemi Violet if you have an item you want to have made ADV compatible.