Saturday, 21 October 2017

Fusion Ultima Female Bento Ready Hands

Been a while in coming but I am pleased to say the Fusion Ultima Female Bento ready mesh hands are now in store.
These are an add on to the original body priced at 200L$

They do not come with Bento animation to control them and will require the use of a Bento hand compatible AO or Hands HUD to work correctly however you can now have fully animated hands with your Fusion body.


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Fusion Ultimate Hipz Body and Torso Released

I have been repeatedly asked for a far more bottom heavy Fusion body over the last few years, not necessarily on the butt side, but more the thighs. Hipz brings that with a beautifully lower heavy body.
It comes with Skinny upper to further accentuate the lower and has two different butt sizes so you can make your perfect choice.

As a Body, it is 1500L$ or you can buy the Torso separately in the Pick N Mix Department for just 500L$

For Pictures, you can take a look here or see it in world.


Cyber Studio - Tellarez Horns Released

First new Cyber Studio item for a while and its a good one.
Tellarez offer a more flowing mechanical feel with multiple glow areas, animated tech tentacles on the back and a skull cap style design. As with all VS products you get the Unlimited 3 Cyber hud with loads of textures to play with for the metal, glow area colour and intensity adjustments and U3 Cyber Materials options giving you a huge choice of options.

They are in the Cyber studio now priced at 250L$


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

vString X-Fet Minor Updated

Just a quick update on the X-Fets .
We came across a bug in the Omega application script on this model where some of the breasts states were not applying their textures correctly.
This has now been repaired and only affected the Evo / Omega version.

Simply wear your updater to get this repaired version or visit the redelivery terminal in store.