Friday, 27 February 2015

Fusion Toons Breasts - Fusion Only Chest pack

As this is a PG Blog I cant show you the pictures but the new Fusion Toon Breasts / Chest modules are now available in the Fusion Store.
More Information is due on the soon to disappear Adult Blog (Blogger dont want smut!)

Also for Pick and Mix, there are now demos of all parts available too to help you choose your perfect look!


Redelivery Terminal for vString, Fusion and Wideloads

Over the last few days I have been getting a number of customers coming to me saying that their updaters have not been working.
Last night we researched what was going on, as I knew for a fact that the delivery system is working correctly and the result for me at least - it was working perfectly.
However further tests threw out some weird results.

It seems, for unknown reason there may be some issues on the Second Life Grid where Customer A asks for an update by wearing their updater, and gets the update. But, Customer B asks for the same update, and gets nothing.
 After 2 hours of testing, retesting, checking etc, neither myself or Juggz could make head nor tail of this issue.
This issues does seem confined to vString Revolutions for some reason - again no idea why.

This morning, I did something perhaps I should have done ages ago - I installed Redelivery terminals in both the vString and Fusion stores.
These terminals are there so if you as a customer have bought a product in the past, and either lost the updater, or have the updater and it seems to be acting up, you now can simply got to the terminal, click it and get the latest versions of our vString, Fusion or Wideloads products.

I hope this helps customers and I do apologise for the issues surrounding


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fusion - All Woman & Skinny Bodies released

Final update of the day. I am please to announce that both the All Woman, and Skinny Body have also now been released in store.
That horrible PG thing again, so more details can be found here.

Fusion "Realz" Chest Modules Released

As this is a PG blog I cant really say much, but we have introduced our new "Realz" lines of Chest modules for Fusion in store with 12 new Chests on offer.

More Details can Be found here

Fusion Pick 'N' Mix Line now Released

The first post in what is due to be a few today.

The Pick 'N' Mix concept came from customers wanting parts of Fusion bodies, without the expense of having to buy the whole body.

Starting off, you have the Fusion Universal Basics Pack at 750L$. This gives you the core of the Fusion body - Feet, Nails, Chest, HUDs and more. Everything that is interchangeable between the Fusion Bodies.

The Second Area is Arms. These are priced at 250L$, and give you currently all 6 primary arms on offer in store.

Then you have Torso/Legs. Priced at 500L$, you can choose any of the Fusion Lower bodies  currently on offer in store. A suprise here though is something that came from a number of comments from customers. They asked if we had considered doing the Fusion part of the Wideloads, as a separate object, for less price. To that end, we have done that, and you can now buy the Fusion Only Wideloads parts.

Chests. This is where I throw a few new surprises in. First, as with the Wideloads, the same questions was asked about the vString Revolutions line. Could we do the Fusion Revolutions as stand alone objects. The Answer is yes.... and they are now in store for 500L$
The next is something completely unique to Fusion in the shape of the new Realz Chests. Offering sizes from A cup to DD cup, with 12 different chests on offer, these are smaller and more basic that the Revolutions, but perfectly formed Realistic chests. And due to the fact they have fewer options they are cheaper at 400L$

Overall, there are 29 Fusion Options to choose from in our Pick 'n' Mix department, and while the bulk of the new products are in here, there are still quite a few new products yet to come.

Check it out in the Fusion main store!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

vString Revolution "Stars" Model Released

Following on from yesterdays mega update of the Revolutions, Fusion and Wideloads, I am pleased to release the new vString Revolution Stars.

As this is the PG blog, I cant show you them here, however more details are available by visiting the adult blog (simply click here)

Lots more soon


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fusion Phase 2, vString Revolution 4.5, Wideloads 1.3 Update

Back in September last year, I released our Fusion Mesh body system on to the grid and it has gone down extremely well with customers.
Since then, we have been listening to our customers as well as integrating in our own ideas, and now six months on, I am please to announce the release of Fusion Phase 2.
This new release has hundreds of improvements throughout the bodies.
Highlights though include extended nail packs, Boot Leg models for 3rd party boots , Corset Torsos for use with 3rd Party Torso, improved hand and feet models, Materials integration, crotch bulges and camel toes, and so much more.
It is probably best to see in store for more details.

As always this update is free to existing customers, so wear your updater to get this update.

But it doesn't stop there.

As the vString Revolutions are now an integral part of Fusion, I am pleased to announce the release of Version 4.5 of the Revolutions.
Again, there is quite a long list of improvements, however highlights include the new multiple nipple system offering 4 styles and sizes of nipples and our new Advanced Piercing system with 44 choices on board.
Again, these updates are also carried through in to the Fusion Revolutions giving you far more choice in the design of your Fusion Avatar.

For Wideloads 1.3, the original core of Wideloads has not been updated for the simple fact most of the updates would simply not be possible.
However when it comes to Fusion, you now get Knee Boot Leg models for use with knee length boots, you get the requests "Belly" option giving you a little more to jiggle with, and for those the Fusion Corset Torsos have also been integrated in.

For Both Revolutions and Wideloads, again, wear your updater to get the latest versions and more information is available in store regarding the full breakdown of features and improvements.

Finally, due to the materials update, the Style heels also have been updated. This is optional depending on if you want to use Materials appliers though.

This is just the first part of the Phase 2 Fusion release though. From this point, we have quite a few new products waiting and ready to go out, so stay tuned as these will be arriving over the next week.