Monday, 16 September 2013

Beholder Eyes - Eyvolution Version 2 released

Last year, I decided to shake things up a little with the introduction of our quite stunning Eyvolution system of Rigged mesh eyes, with a staggering line of features.

And its fair to say they have been a great success, so when it came to looking at Version 2, the idea I had was to improve it.

The original Eyvolution system wasnt exactly script heavy - in fact they were coming in at around 18 scripts however there was room for improvements.

As you will have seen from VSX and vStrings, we have been working on our new in house systems recently when it comes to Designer HUD's. But what isnt that well know is the new HUD system we have developed is forming the basis of our updated Unlimited 3 system that we are slowly rolling out.

The Beholder Eyvolutions are the first batch of products to full benefit from the Unlimited 3 system, and the results are nothing short of excellent.
Functionality wise, you now have multi area control for everything - bright, glow etc so overall it improves what was available before.
But, as this was designed from the start to be an extremely scripting efficient product, the Version 2 update now has just 3 scripts. This in turn cuts down on your scripting costs overall which is always a good thing.

And, if you have the eyes, just wear them and the update will be automatically sent to you.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013

VSXM Phase 3 "Slitter" Series now in store

As usual, with this being the PG Blog, I cant really show you, but if you check out by....

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vString XL / XXL 3.5 Update - Evos

Customer have begged us to do this, and now we have released them.
These are now available as part of the XL and XXL breast packs but please read this before running to the store...

vString have always been at the forefront of innovation in implants, be it design or scripting. During the vString 3 project, we had been pushing the boundaries with our new Evo line of breasts, however we knew there were some limits that would go a little too far which is why on the release we actually didn’t push through our XL or XXL Evo models for two reasons.

The First was the Quality of the outputted texture maps was really pushing what the actual textures themselves could do, and I personally was not happy with how things were looking.
The Second was the general philosophy of each model. The X_X will always be a fashion breast not related to the role playing side, where as the XL and XXL needed that flexibility to allow role play.

I did know what would come next, and it wasn’t that much of a suprise when it did.
“Can you do the XL or XXL in the Evo format?”

Well, you, as the customers asked and so, the 3.5 models of the XL and XXL are out and the changes are, they have Evo models but there are things you need to be aware of.

This bits quite important though so please read.
If you are thinking of buying the XL or XXL purely on the basis that they have Evo models, DON’T.

I will try to keep this part a simple as I can as the whole issue gets very technical.
If you fancy the more technical explanation, go to my Hemi's soapbox blog (its on the right).
The SL upper body texture is perfect for the application it was developed for – namely the SL avatar. Designers on SL have been taking advantage of the upper body though and forcing it to do interesting things such as what we did with the Evo X_X. However, even with the X_X we were pushing what we could do with the texture.

The XL Evos have pushed the texture even further and the result is, as you would expect, the textures have started to protest. There are surface issues with them distorting the texture. The XXL Evos have sadly taken that a whole step further and while the XL you can accept and dismiss the texture issues, the XXL are a little harder to dismiss.
This is to the degree that when it came to the XXL Super Evo’s, they simply didn’t work and as a result, I had to discontinue that design idea (hence why there are only 2 Evos for the XXL)

At vString, we are very proud of the quality we give our customers and I am never happy about releasing something that doesn’t live up to my own personal high expectations. I know customers though have begged us to do this, and after 3 months of testing and developing we have pushed what we can do to its limit.
Working with the SL upper body texture, the XL and XXL Evos are as good as I can make them, however they are not perfect and it is true that they could never be perfect.

If you buy the XL / XXL, buy them for the much higher quality original models, however if you do want to use the Optional Evo models, then they are there for you.