Monday, 16 September 2013

Beholder Eyes - Eyvolution Version 2 released

Last year, I decided to shake things up a little with the introduction of our quite stunning Eyvolution system of Rigged mesh eyes, with a staggering line of features.

And its fair to say they have been a great success, so when it came to looking at Version 2, the idea I had was to improve it.

The original Eyvolution system wasnt exactly script heavy - in fact they were coming in at around 18 scripts however there was room for improvements.

As you will have seen from VSX and vStrings, we have been working on our new in house systems recently when it comes to Designer HUD's. But what isnt that well know is the new HUD system we have developed is forming the basis of our updated Unlimited 3 system that we are slowly rolling out.

The Beholder Eyvolutions are the first batch of products to full benefit from the Unlimited 3 system, and the results are nothing short of excellent.
Functionality wise, you now have multi area control for everything - bright, glow etc so overall it improves what was available before.
But, as this was designed from the start to be an extremely scripting efficient product, the Version 2 update now has just 3 scripts. This in turn cuts down on your scripting costs overall which is always a good thing.

And, if you have the eyes, just wear them and the update will be automatically sent to you.