Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fusion - Titans Torso's now in store

Following repeated badgering from customers, month after month wanting even larger Wideloads, I have finally released the aptly named Titans but... they are only for Fusion (you couldn't do these as stand alone).

These are nothing shy of extreme, and it has taken me some time to release these to public -  they have been knocking around my inventory now since last year.

The size however comes at a cost features wise.
None of the regular Fusion options really work with these. Rather than go through the long list of what you dont get, its easier to say this. They come with both models, with Torso and Legs. Nothing else.

They are in the Pick and Mix department. Demos are available via the torso demo board. Price is 500 and includes the Extreme and Gargantuan models.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Fusion Male - Zerberus Demon Body & Razel Tartarus Hooves

Zerberus continues the Fusion male mesh release but with a more demonic twist offer that sought after heavy lower body design.
Featuring a unique Torso (also available from the pick n mix as a separate item), the body comes with the Gladiator Upper body and arms, and also includes male Universal basics (so if you wanted to go human using this body as a basics, all you would need is a Torso).
As with the human Fusion male spec, you get ADV applier and Omega Support built in.

The body is 1500L$, and the Pick n Mix Torso is 500L$ and its available in store now.

Not in the Mood for Heavy Demon Legs... something a little more reasonable in size?

Then you may want to look at the Razel Hooves. Designed on a similar line to the Female Hooves, you get all 5 primary body matched legs in the box, with clothing layers and all the usual Fusion features, except you dont get Stand alone legs with these.

They come in at 600L$ and are the perfect demonic companion to the Fusion Male Bodies.

Finally, I am pleased to say this finishes off the Phase 1 Fusion Male Release, however I can say that Phase 2 is already in the works and unlike Fusion female, the release will be arriving very soon.

Keep watching!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fusion Male Release

Let me give you the low down.
Build on the Fusion modular concept so upper and lower bodies can be interchanged.
ADV and Omega Applier Ready
Uses Standard Second Life UV Mapping (same as the stock avatar)
Avatar Head - Like the female bodies, Male uses the standard Avatars head so you dont have to look the same as everyone else...
Clothing and Tattoo Layers, separate mesh nipples and piercings (29 piercing options to choose from) with many of the Fusion female features.
Developers kit included and ADV and Omega Materials support ready.
Fitted Mesh which means to a degree you can use most of the shape sliders to adjust your body design.

5 Body styles - Genesis which is closest to the SL avatar), Skinny which is thinner than the stock av, Athletic which give some extra bulk, Gladiator for quite a bit more bulk, and finally Barbarian, which is self explanatory (see below)

Demo's are available in the main Fusion store.

Oh, and you also get everything in Pick N Mix format too so if you want to add extra elements, you don't have to buy the whole body.

And as usual, this is Release Part one. I ran out of time today so I decided to just get the primary bodies out, and the look at the other items developed for this tomorrow so expect a second release.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

ADV Version 2 & Male Skin ADV Appliers

For those not wanting to read my Waffling, here the short version.

ADV Version 2
Since 2014, Violet Studios skins and clothes have included our ADV Mesh Applier packs which allow you to send your skins or clothes to mesh bodies.
I am very pleased to release Version 2 of our ADV Support pack, which includes the new ADV to Omega Bridge. Or in short. Wearing this new Bridge HUD will allow you to send Violet Studios Skins and clothing to any Omega Compatible Product.
Oh, and the cost of this... nothing. Its free.

Male ADV Appliers Released
With the release of the ADV Omega Applier Bridge, I have also been spending many hours giving myself a headache with the full on conversion of all current Violet Studios Male Skins (Human, Demon and Vampire) to our ADV Spec.
All current in store skins include Body and even face HUDs which mean with a male mesh body that is compatible with Omega, you can now use your skin.
For those customers who previously bought one of our current skins, sadly there is no way to deploy updates. In this case, you can find our “Grace” applier kits in store.
Both Human and Vampire, you will find in the relevant Studio.
For Demon, you will find the Grace appliers where the female Grace appliers are, upstairs in the Demon Studio above the female hooves.

Okay, may have gone a little in depth there, but thats the basics.

ADV Omega Applier Bridge – in a bit more detail.

I have many customers who adore their Violet Studios Skins and clothes.
Verotic  Skins LTX,  Verotic Clothing, Demon Studio or Vampire Studio.

As many of you will know, since early 2014, our female skins and clothing have included the ADV Mesh applier system and its companion scripts to convert over to other mesh body formats.
Sadly keeping up with this has been a real pig with constant development ongoing with scripting and new products, getting around to actually building new scripts to work with new bodies hasn’t really been possible.

As Fusion customers will know, on the 1.5 update we introduced Omega support on Fusion.

I was slightly laughing at this for a while. Back during ADV development, I have a specific set of ideas over what ADV should do and how it should work.
What I had no clue about at the time was Love n Lust were developing almost the same thing almost in tandem to ADV with their Omega system.

These two systems are virtually the same thing, except the reasons they were developed were utterly different.
 ADV was designed as an in house helper tool for me and our customers.
 Omega was designed as a mass market system for creators.

Omega has proven to be very popular with creators and designers.
There are dozens of companies now who use omega out of the box so to speak and many other who do similar things to what we did with Fusion, with an activator.

Which brings us back full circle to the ADV Update and what if, you could use your ADV appliers, and they would work with Omega?

Thanks to some innovative work from Omega and ourselves, that is now possible with the Version 2 ADV Update.
Firstly its free. Can’t get fairer than that.
Secondly, inside the new update, you will find there is a new object.
The ADV Omega Applier Bridge. You wear this.

Now, listen very carefully to these instructions...

1 Wear the ADV Omega Applier Bridge.
2 Wear your ADV Mesh Applier included with your skin or clothing item from Violet Studios.
3 Press the relevant button on the Mesh Applier you want send.

It’s now on your Omega compatible item!
Yeah – it really is that simple.  And... lets just be honest here...

All you have to do is look through Omega’s Supported project list to realise that ADV just went from 10 supported items, to bucket loads.

You can find the ADV Version 2 Update dotted around all the sims – easiest place to grab it is in the Customer Support Hub.

ADV Male Mesh Appliers – in a bit more detail.

Back in 2014, we released our ADV system on to the grid. The idea was simple – one applier to support many products. However this was rather one sided.
Everything we released was female, and the reason why is simple. There was virtually no male mesh products on the market at the time.

Even today, I hate to say, the markets not exactly brimmed with male products. However I may as well let the cat out of the bag.
Since last year, after the arrival of Fusion, I have had a steady and growing stream of requests from customers for a Male Fusion body system.
I cant give you an exact date, but very soon, Male Fusion will be released.
But its a bit pointless if none of my own products support this so, first step is the ADV conversion.
Expect more news on Fusion male very soon.

All Current male skins have now been updated to include Body and even face HUDs which mean with a male mesh body that is compatible with Omega, you can now use your skin.
For those customers who previously bought one of our current skins, sadly there is no way to deploy updates. In this case, you can find our “Grace” applier kits in store.
You only get the body applier with the Grace kits however a head texture (usually the clean shaved one) is included on the applier.
Both Human and Vampire, you will find in the relevant Studio.
For Demon, you will find the Grace appliers where the female Grace appliers are, upstairs in the Demon Studio above the female hooves.

Enjoy the Updates.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fusion Anthro Legs

The idea of Fusion is all about being modular, and one thing asked over and over again is "can you do some Anthro leg options?"

Well, you get asked enough times, what else can you do.

The first of these new products are the more tradition style paw style feet.
Designed in highly detailed mesh, these have a four toe design, SL UV mapping, Bell Bottoms for the clothing layers, Feet pads and claws with a U3 HUD for texture tint options.
The come for Genesis, Athletic, Model, Andro, All Woman, Skinny and Anime on the main Fusion body torsos (other models were simply not possible due to size differences), and you get Wideloads versions for Classic, Slender and Curves.

There are no Stand Alone or unrigged versions.
This is my first step in to a world thats rather alien to me, and while I think I have covered all the bases, if there are any specific options you want to see, or other models you think would be a great idea, drop me a note card.
These are in the Fusion Store now (above the Demon Fusion selection) and both sets come in at 600L$ each.


Monday, 13 July 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Vlade Horns

Part of the Tartarus Project is to reimagine Violet Studios Demon Selections.
Back in 2009, I created a core of horns that were a starting point for the original Violet Studios Line up. Today, I am pleased to bring you the second Reimagined set of Horns.

Vlade are based on the classic Razor Horns but with a total mesh make over.
You also get 2 styles - Vlade Light and Dark.
Vlade Light is a simple clean elegant set of horns with metal seaming and tips. Featuring full mesh you get smooth but detailed looks.
Vlade Dark harks back more to the original Razor design with metal plating on the front and triple chains on the back.

As always, these are fully compatible with Unlimited 3 giving hundreds of texture choices.

They are in store now at 300L$

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Terralore Horns now in store

Continuing with the more regular development process now that we have slowly got the "big job" now to stable releases, I am pleased to introduce the Terralore horns.

These are Dragon style horns, with a long swept back style, embellished with metal spike, gems and chains.

Although designed more for a female avatar, these horns could be used with a male avatar.

Priced at 225L$, the are stand alone designs (not two version).

They are available in the Demon Studio now.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tartarus Fusion - Dragoness Legs now available

Some time back, I released the new Fusion Tartarus Demoness hooves.
These extremely well developed seamless hooves have come in for great praise from our customers.

In comparison to our classic style hooves through, these do miss one feature. The claw foot option.
When it came to rigged mesh versions, my original designs were still based on a classic style of design with separate feet/ hooves and legs.
Fusion however is supposed to be seamless, and while I experimented with clawed feet for the new hooves, the joint looked, frankly silly.
It really needed to be a new set of legs designed from scratch... and that's exactly what I did with the new Tartarus Dragoness Legs.

You get three styles:
Stand Alone - These are designed for the original SL avatar
None Rigged - a simpler version that is Static Mesh and is moddable.
Fusion - Fully integrated, seamless Fitted Mesh legs designed to work and integrate with exisiting Fusion mesh bodies.

Both Stand Alone and Fusion Hooves come in SL body mapping - this means they will work with SL skin, and clothing textures. Hence, these new hooves have a clothing and Tattoo Layer.

These come with Fusion ready designed for the Andro, Genesis, Model, Skinny, Athletic, Anime and All Woman Torsos, and the Fusion Wideloads Classic, Slender and Curves Torsos.

Try the Demo out in store and the price is 600L$

Friday, 10 July 2015

Tartarus Hooves Additions Update

Don't panic - this update is optional.
With the release yesterday of the new Anime Torso for Fusion, it does mean that the Tartarus Hooves needed revising with additional Anime Ready legs.
Aerzor, Skizma, Necrosol and Zarnar hooves have all been updated with these new Anime ready hooves.
Simply wear your updater to get the latest versions.

There was a secondary customer request that came through though regarding Pant Bell Bottoms.
It seems that as customers you loved the idea of the seamless nature of the Tartarus Hooves, however you didn't like in some cases how the pants were skin tight.
So, an additional element in this latest update carries on from the main fusion body with lower leg bell bottoms - this extra object is simply worn if required.


Note - body shown above is an example - Hair, horns, skin, body etc not included but shown as an example. Update only covers the Tartarus hooves themselves.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fusion Pick n Mix - Anime Torso Released

Some time back I took a step back from the original design theories behind Fusion and tried to look at it from a different angle.
So far, Fusion has been designed to be a quite realistic style, even when it came to the wide loads, however I started experimenting with a more anime style of body. The result is a quite odd Torso called ... well Anime.

Anime is Slender, but Curvey, and is the first Torso we have done to feature the "split leg" design which has also allowed the creation of a more realistic crotch and camel toe.

As with all Primary Fusion Torsos you get The Torso and Legs. And then you also get Torso For Corset, Torso for Boot Legs, and of course, Torso for Corset and Boot legs. Plus you get the Clothing layer bell bottoms too.

Demos are available in store, and this is coming in at 500L$

Please Note - The picture above shows the Anime Torso, match to Fusion Universal Basics, Fusion Skinny arms, Revolution Petite Melons, Headmaster hair, Beholder eye and features the Verotic Ava 04 skin and Verotic Wrapper Bikini..... all of which are not included.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fusion Balloon Doll Inflatable body & LTX Rubber Girls Skins now available

Double Updates today with two project, that are connected

Firstly... really... its out... not a hoax or a joke.
The Balloon doll, one of the longest projects in Violet Studios history is now out in store!

As the advertising contains naughty bits, click here to see the full break down of the Balloon Doll, how it inflates and its long and difficult history.

Second up, is the Balloon Dolls Companion prroduct - the LTX Rubber Girl Skin series.
Coming in 10 colours, each colour having 6 make up options, Implant appliers, Mesh Appliers and a few other things, these are extremely high quality rubber skins.
As these are skin, I have to go adult on them... Click here to see the full break down.