Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fusion Pick n Mix - Anime Torso Released

Some time back I took a step back from the original design theories behind Fusion and tried to look at it from a different angle.
So far, Fusion has been designed to be a quite realistic style, even when it came to the wide loads, however I started experimenting with a more anime style of body. The result is a quite odd Torso called ... well Anime.

Anime is Slender, but Curvey, and is the first Torso we have done to feature the "split leg" design which has also allowed the creation of a more realistic crotch and camel toe.

As with all Primary Fusion Torsos you get The Torso and Legs. And then you also get Torso For Corset, Torso for Boot Legs, and of course, Torso for Corset and Boot legs. Plus you get the Clothing layer bell bottoms too.

Demos are available in store, and this is coming in at 500L$

Please Note - The picture above shows the Anime Torso, match to Fusion Universal Basics, Fusion Skinny arms, Revolution Petite Melons, Headmaster hair, Beholder eye and features the Verotic Ava 04 skin and Verotic Wrapper Bikini..... all of which are not included.