Monday, 13 July 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Vlade Horns

Part of the Tartarus Project is to reimagine Violet Studios Demon Selections.
Back in 2009, I created a core of horns that were a starting point for the original Violet Studios Line up. Today, I am pleased to bring you the second Reimagined set of Horns.

Vlade are based on the classic Razor Horns but with a total mesh make over.
You also get 2 styles - Vlade Light and Dark.
Vlade Light is a simple clean elegant set of horns with metal seaming and tips. Featuring full mesh you get smooth but detailed looks.
Vlade Dark harks back more to the original Razor design with metal plating on the front and triple chains on the back.

As always, these are fully compatible with Unlimited 3 giving hundreds of texture choices.

They are in store now at 300L$