Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tartarus Fusion - Dragoness Legs now available

Some time back, I released the new Fusion Tartarus Demoness hooves.
These extremely well developed seamless hooves have come in for great praise from our customers.

In comparison to our classic style hooves through, these do miss one feature. The claw foot option.
When it came to rigged mesh versions, my original designs were still based on a classic style of design with separate feet/ hooves and legs.
Fusion however is supposed to be seamless, and while I experimented with clawed feet for the new hooves, the joint looked, frankly silly.
It really needed to be a new set of legs designed from scratch... and that's exactly what I did with the new Tartarus Dragoness Legs.

You get three styles:
Stand Alone - These are designed for the original SL avatar
None Rigged - a simpler version that is Static Mesh and is moddable.
Fusion - Fully integrated, seamless Fitted Mesh legs designed to work and integrate with exisiting Fusion mesh bodies.

Both Stand Alone and Fusion Hooves come in SL body mapping - this means they will work with SL skin, and clothing textures. Hence, these new hooves have a clothing and Tattoo Layer.

These come with Fusion ready designed for the Andro, Genesis, Model, Skinny, Athletic, Anime and All Woman Torsos, and the Fusion Wideloads Classic, Slender and Curves Torsos.

Try the Demo out in store and the price is 600L$