Wednesday, 27 January 2016

LTX - 2016 Latex and Rubber Hair Series Released

In 2010, with the launch of the LTX Studio, we introduced Latex Hairs in to the store.
And if I am honest, I forgot about them... Since that time obviously technology and our design work has imrpoved greatly and with the 2016 LTX store upgrade, I felt it was time to look at these hairs and start over.

So what do you get?
Firstly, each pack is a new price. Just 300L$ and for that you get 19 Latex options (single or two tone
design too) and 10 Rubber textures.
These new hairs also have part materials support, giving realistic shine and light reflection.
The hairs feature all new texture designs, with solid and transparent textures giving deeper realism.
The hairs have a combo of Mesh, sculpts and limited use of prims.

I will say, compared to the old selection we have fewer options now, however you still get 9
different hairs to choose from in a variety of styles and designs.
More than enough for any lover of latex.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

LTX - Vader Doll Hood Released

In a bite size...
Fitted Mesh design with open or closed mouth and control HUD.
Beautifully detailed mesh work with straps, animated ventilation fan
19 Latex Textures and from the Rubber Girl Skin, 10 Rubber Textures, both with Materials shine.

Its in the LTX store now...

Monday, 25 January 2016

LTX - Bach Ankle Ballet Boots

Bach is the replacement for the now aged Opera line. Featuring full static mesh design, Materials enhancements and elegant style, Bach come with the full compliment of 19 LTX Base  textures, multiple metal, sole and for the relevant models, laces and strapping options.

There are three choices. Frontal Laced, Zipper or Strapped Models,

Included you also get Unlimited 3 for Bach with a huge choice of options, including resize.

Priced at 300 for each of the options, Bach is simple, yet stylish.
Pictures below.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

LTX - Forza Boots, Posture collar, Corset and Gloves Released

Forza brings a whole new dimension to LTX with Thigh Boots, Gloves, Arms, Neck Collar and Corset. Designed for use with the original SL Avatar or Mesh bodies (for example Fusion), the design is just breath taking.
The Boots are beautiful – they come in three version – Platform, Pony or Ballet. The design is elegant and clean, with multiple options built in to them. You can choose from a simple straight clean design, add front straps on, and on the rear, the choice of laces, or a zip.
The Corset is a seamed affair with options for a clean design, front laces, back laces or a zip.
The Neck Collar again offers options for a clean design, front laces, back laces or a zip.
And finally the arms give similar options to the boots, clean, strapped, laced upper, laced Lower or Lower Zip.
Options wise, its a typical Violet Studios job. Forza LTX comes with all 19 base colours, and the seams and straps can be independently set up from the main bodies of the parts, giving huge colour combo choices. In addition you get a over 20 metal textures to play with, lace textures and for those model that use it, sole textures. You can also use the Unlimited 3 HUD to colour tint and adjust elements.
And in common with the LTX upgrade, these boots are fully materials enabled with Normals and Specular mapping, giving you beautiful light reflection.

And new for this line up, you get basic demos too. Try before you buy (although I haven’t included fully functional demos it has to be said – these are more for you to look at and try out.)

Priced extremely competitively, the LTX Forza line is the first of a series of advanced body suites so keep and eye out and as always, enjoy.

Here is the eye candy - and dont forget we do fat packs of all three boot packs for 1200, and you can get the whole package for 1750 (a saving of 1400L$).
Demos are available in store too.


Monday, 18 January 2016

LTX Rebooted with ADV / Omega Materials

Since the early days of Violet Studios there has been in some form or another, a LTX Store, however the current store and product line was opened in 2010.
LTX was always about providing the highest quality latex outfits, and since it arrived on the grid, we have always been in the top 10 Latex Fashion creators, providing innovative and realistic items which has gained us a very strong user base.

Times change though, and while LTX has progressively been updated and improved over the years, its not changed enough and the product lines have stagnated somewhat while I have been focusing on other projects. Until now that is with the 2016 LTX Reboot.

So whats new with this upgrade?
Firstly, as you can probably see, the 2010 marketing and branding has been redone and not before time too. This is significant because while LTX has improved, for reasons I forget I never did the marketing saying to myself “I will do it next week”.  As a customer though you probably have been unaware of exactly what has been changing and while I put out information, I didn’t exactly make it that prominent.
Now, you have the full information available.

Then, there is the buzz word of the moment, and probably the biggest single change for 2016. Materials.
Materials have been around since 2013, however I have not exactly jumped on the bandwagon with it before this point. The reason was simple. Mesh bodies haven’t exactly taken off until the last few years and as such the need for doing materials wasn’t there. On top of that, Materials were somewhat ahead of their time. Todays graphics cards are more than capable of handling the extra rendering requirements of materials, however only a year or two back they weren’t.
All LTX Outfits and Skins now feature beautiful and exquisitely detailed Specular and Normals Mapping to provide rich shine, light reflection and bump mapping.
Included with each item, you get our in house ADV Mesh body appliers and now Materials Appliers which work straight out of the box with Fusion and other Violet Studios mesh capable products.
However, and a first here... you also get Original Omega Advanced Appliers too with texture and materials.
In addition if a product comes with prim accessories they are now also materials enhanced, and the “out of the box” Opera Ballet Shoes have been reworked in pure mesh and have materials.

For implants I have also been busy. Firstly is a move away from our original approach to Lolas originals and tangos. Previously we made these with a script install where you had to put a script in the breasts. For 2016, no need for that. The appliers now work out of the box with no need for an install. In addition, each outfit now comes with vString 4.5 Materials appliers too giving you additional depth and detailing on your vString Implants.

On the LTX and Rubber Skins, these have now been upgraded to ADV2 specification. They come with the ADV Omega ready hud, integrated implants appliers, vString Materials appliers and of course, they have a choice of different materials setting available.
If you own one of these skins already, just wear the Updater (if one is in the box) or if you have the Implant Applier HUD, just wear that - the ADV2 spec items will be sent to you.

Finally, a move I have had planned for a while now. LTX now has a brand new Studio on Deaths Head custom built to reflect the new style of LTX and I am quite pleased with that too.
As such the link to the store on the right has now change.

Some eyecandy for you... There is a lot more in store, but these are the PG models.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Violet Cybernetics - Cold Fusion 3 Boots & Dark Tech 2 Cybersuit

Since the mass release of the 2016 Cyber Studio at the weekend (see post below), I have been working through the final two products in the studio bringing them in to 2016.

Firstly is the Cold Fusion Boots.
Originally designed back in 2009, I have to say these have remained pretty much unchanged since launch outside of the conversion to Unlimited 3 some years back.
Well, that changes today.

The old prim sculpt design is now a thing of the past. Although based on the original design, Version 3 Cold Fusion boots have been heavily breathed on and cleaned up now in full mesh.
In addition, where as the original boots were simple attachments, these new boots come in two flavours. As per the original, you get static mesh version which can be modded and edited to fit a variety of avatars. That said you also get Fitted Mesh versions.
It doesnt stop there. The boots now feature full materials, giving them a whole new advanced level of depth and detailing. And if that wasnt enough, you get three versions. Classic "Carbon inlay" design from the original boots. But you also get LTX and Verotic Leather  Boot packs - 15 leather textures and 19 Latex textures.
Finally there is the metal elements which are now Unlimited 3 Cyber texture pack compatible, as well as U3 Cyber Materials compatible.

The Dark Tech Cyber Suit has been around now for many years, and whole being upgraded here and there, not a great deal has changed with it.

Version 2 sees it brought fully up to date though.
For male and female, you now get Full materials support for ADV and Omega. so you can get that rich detail look on your mesh body.
For female, there is also the added bonus of vString Materials support too.

I would have had these out sooner if not for the grid problems this weekend and more over last night.

In total though, that is Violet Cybernetics now brought up to 2016 standards and a completed job.


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Violet Cybernetics Rebooted

Back in 2009 I opened Violet Cybernetic with my organic technology style design work which revolutionised the scene featured at the time full of more “robotic” style items from other creators.
Since then the Cyber Studio has remained very popular with people and has seen the evolution and upgrades to many products.
As you will have seen late last year, I surprised and shocked many in the Demon Studio with the release of the Tartarus generation of Mesh and Materials enhanced production converting over older design work to 2016 specs and its fair to say Materials transformed both the look and quality of the products.

Well, its Violet Cybernetics Turn now.
I have over the last month been slowly working through every single Cyber product, looking at, reworking, cleaning up and enhancing in mesh.
Every single product has been rebuilt and in many cases improved on.
On top of all of this, I have also created some new textures for Unlimited 3 based around the Hanabi 2.0 upgrades, and perhaps the bigger job, I have created a new Cyber only Materials system with 6 primary materials that cover both Metal and Base zones, not to mention 5 primary shine systems too. Yeah, I have been busy and its all in store now.

You want some highlights?

As usual, the products that came with updaters – Dark and Light Mech arms and legs, Wings and a number of other item – have all gone in to the update servers so just wear your updater to get the latest copy.

Needless to say , I am over the moon with the look and style of the 2016 Violet Cybernetic Reboot – come take a look in store and see what you think though.