Monday, 18 January 2016

LTX Rebooted with ADV / Omega Materials

Since the early days of Violet Studios there has been in some form or another, a LTX Store, however the current store and product line was opened in 2010.
LTX was always about providing the highest quality latex outfits, and since it arrived on the grid, we have always been in the top 10 Latex Fashion creators, providing innovative and realistic items which has gained us a very strong user base.

Times change though, and while LTX has progressively been updated and improved over the years, its not changed enough and the product lines have stagnated somewhat while I have been focusing on other projects. Until now that is with the 2016 LTX Reboot.

So whats new with this upgrade?
Firstly, as you can probably see, the 2010 marketing and branding has been redone and not before time too. This is significant because while LTX has improved, for reasons I forget I never did the marketing saying to myself “I will do it next week”.  As a customer though you probably have been unaware of exactly what has been changing and while I put out information, I didn’t exactly make it that prominent.
Now, you have the full information available.

Then, there is the buzz word of the moment, and probably the biggest single change for 2016. Materials.
Materials have been around since 2013, however I have not exactly jumped on the bandwagon with it before this point. The reason was simple. Mesh bodies haven’t exactly taken off until the last few years and as such the need for doing materials wasn’t there. On top of that, Materials were somewhat ahead of their time. Todays graphics cards are more than capable of handling the extra rendering requirements of materials, however only a year or two back they weren’t.
All LTX Outfits and Skins now feature beautiful and exquisitely detailed Specular and Normals Mapping to provide rich shine, light reflection and bump mapping.
Included with each item, you get our in house ADV Mesh body appliers and now Materials Appliers which work straight out of the box with Fusion and other Violet Studios mesh capable products.
However, and a first here... you also get Original Omega Advanced Appliers too with texture and materials.
In addition if a product comes with prim accessories they are now also materials enhanced, and the “out of the box” Opera Ballet Shoes have been reworked in pure mesh and have materials.

For implants I have also been busy. Firstly is a move away from our original approach to Lolas originals and tangos. Previously we made these with a script install where you had to put a script in the breasts. For 2016, no need for that. The appliers now work out of the box with no need for an install. In addition, each outfit now comes with vString 4.5 Materials appliers too giving you additional depth and detailing on your vString Implants.

On the LTX and Rubber Skins, these have now been upgraded to ADV2 specification. They come with the ADV Omega ready hud, integrated implants appliers, vString Materials appliers and of course, they have a choice of different materials setting available.
If you own one of these skins already, just wear the Updater (if one is in the box) or if you have the Implant Applier HUD, just wear that - the ADV2 spec items will be sent to you.

Finally, a move I have had planned for a while now. LTX now has a brand new Studio on Deaths Head custom built to reflect the new style of LTX and I am quite pleased with that too.
As such the link to the store on the right has now change.

Some eyecandy for you... There is a lot more in store, but these are the PG models.