Wednesday, 27 January 2016

LTX - 2016 Latex and Rubber Hair Series Released

In 2010, with the launch of the LTX Studio, we introduced Latex Hairs in to the store.
And if I am honest, I forgot about them... Since that time obviously technology and our design work has imrpoved greatly and with the 2016 LTX store upgrade, I felt it was time to look at these hairs and start over.

So what do you get?
Firstly, each pack is a new price. Just 300L$ and for that you get 19 Latex options (single or two tone
design too) and 10 Rubber textures.
These new hairs also have part materials support, giving realistic shine and light reflection.
The hairs feature all new texture designs, with solid and transparent textures giving deeper realism.
The hairs have a combo of Mesh, sculpts and limited use of prims.

I will say, compared to the old selection we have fewer options now, however you still get 9
different hairs to choose from in a variety of styles and designs.
More than enough for any lover of latex.