Sunday, 24 January 2016

LTX - Forza Boots, Posture collar, Corset and Gloves Released

Forza brings a whole new dimension to LTX with Thigh Boots, Gloves, Arms, Neck Collar and Corset. Designed for use with the original SL Avatar or Mesh bodies (for example Fusion), the design is just breath taking.
The Boots are beautiful – they come in three version – Platform, Pony or Ballet. The design is elegant and clean, with multiple options built in to them. You can choose from a simple straight clean design, add front straps on, and on the rear, the choice of laces, or a zip.
The Corset is a seamed affair with options for a clean design, front laces, back laces or a zip.
The Neck Collar again offers options for a clean design, front laces, back laces or a zip.
And finally the arms give similar options to the boots, clean, strapped, laced upper, laced Lower or Lower Zip.
Options wise, its a typical Violet Studios job. Forza LTX comes with all 19 base colours, and the seams and straps can be independently set up from the main bodies of the parts, giving huge colour combo choices. In addition you get a over 20 metal textures to play with, lace textures and for those model that use it, sole textures. You can also use the Unlimited 3 HUD to colour tint and adjust elements.
And in common with the LTX upgrade, these boots are fully materials enabled with Normals and Specular mapping, giving you beautiful light reflection.

And new for this line up, you get basic demos too. Try before you buy (although I haven’t included fully functional demos it has to be said – these are more for you to look at and try out.)

Priced extremely competitively, the LTX Forza line is the first of a series of advanced body suites so keep and eye out and as always, enjoy.

Here is the eye candy - and dont forget we do fat packs of all three boot packs for 1200, and you can get the whole package for 1750 (a saving of 1400L$).
Demos are available in store too.