Monday, 24 August 2015

Viicious Body Arts Update

Normally I don't blog about other companies products, however Viicious is a bit of an exception as its been part of the Violet Studios family since 2010.
Those who know Viicious will know there are some fantastic tattoos in there, however due to RL the store really hasnt been updated since 2011 which is a shame.

I am pleased to say though, working with Vii, we have created and updated all current tattoos in store to include ADV Mesh Appliers.
What this means is with the ADV Omega Bridge, you can use all of their tattoos, with any Fusion, Wideloads, Scalez, product, or... any Omega compatible product!

Thats quite a big list.

Check them out in world by clicking here

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Violet Studios Sim changes

I have this week been looking at the sims themselves rather than looking at new products.

Firstly, is a pretty major change with an evolution of Busty Village and a rebrand.

In 2009 I opened the Busty Village Mall, for Breast Implants, and the related clothing and skins that were designed for these unique and specialist items.
Over the years, Busty Village has been a focal point for the development of new innovations, with the very best selections on offer as well as the latest products.

By 2014 though, it had started to become apparent the Implant Market had reached such a level of popularity, and the fact implants had become so easily accessible to virtually all skin and clothing companies, the whole ethos of the mall, that of a specialist mall for specialist items, was now no longer valid when it came to skins and clothes.

By 2015, with the idea of breast implants now a matter of fact for any clothing maker, I was very sorry to see that the older clothing specialists were falling away, many closing down and leaving the grid and the result for Busty Village was sadly it went from being packed out, to slowly becoming quite empty. The fact is simple. You cant be a specialist in something if everyone can do it.

I know companies  have to change with the times, which is why during 2014, I moved in to the production of specialist fitted mesh items, such as the Revolution, Wideloads and then the product that has changed the face of the grid - Mesh bodies, as I introduced Fusion.

Today, many companies are springing up to cater for the mesh body phenomenon. In fact many companies who have remained in Busty Village during its down period have moved in to making Skins and clothing for mesh bodies. They evolved their businesses.
And as such, its time for Busty Village to Evolve with the move to our new “All Meshed up” Mall.

All Meshed Up is about providing new clothing companies, or older makers, or even mesh product makers with the same format for what the original Busty Village did for Breast Implants. A showcase for their products.
We have also introduced a new lower rental cost considering the arrival of low cost vendors, with stores starting at 125L$ a week.
Dont worry though. We are still going to be focusing on Breast Implants too as you can probably see from our existing stores. If you want to rent, contact Hemi Violet in world.

Second Piece of news is something that has left me rather annoyed.
I found out earlier last week for reasons unknown, the Demon Studio had dropped off the SL search, and most likely the drop off happened back in April with the opening of Caldera.
The reason for this drop off may have had to do with the Automated system that Linden Lab runs to "black list" sims with adult furniture or materials on them. Something in Caldera may have triggered this "adult blacklisting" even though I took great care to not put anything that would be considered as Adult.
As a result in order to ensure the demon studio is back on the search I moved the sim to adult.  I am extremely annoyed that Linden Lab never said anything about the Demon Studio being blacklisted. I was utterly in the dark over it and only found out by chance. What is perhaps more annoying is, that even though the parcel wasnt on the search, Linden Lab have for probably 4 months, been happily taking their fee for listing the parcel every week. Great Customer service there Linden Lab.

Today (Sunday), I went over to the demon studio, checked over some things deleted 3 utterly unoffensive items which were PG rated, but could have possibly caused the parcel to get blacklisted, and moved the sim back to Moderate.
I am both happy and annoyed to say, these changes have now been reflected in the search, and surprisingly, the Demon Studio is still on the search after updating.
I have no idea why the specific items caused the black listing (two dance animation systems and a stripped down cave), but now they are gone, no more issues. I will be checking this on a regular basis though to ensure things dont go wrong again.

So, in short, everything back up and how it should be again... until the next time.