Monday, 21 December 2015

Tartarus Male Accessories Released & New U3 Materials HUD

Following on from yesterdays release of the New Demoness Horns, Tails and Spikes, I am very pleased to announce the arrival in store of the Male versions of these accessories. In total, you now have 31 Products released on this, with six kind of new to male products in there.
For a full break down, see yesterdays post however, there is some eyecandy below.

One thing that has always bugged me though was the fact when it came to males, you dont really want a whole lot of shine going on. Back using older tech, even the lowest setting of shine make the horns look too ... polished... for males.
Sitting down this morning, I decided to take a fresh look at the male shine issues and also come up with some new materials settings to play with.
As usual, it all got out of hand.... the result is an entirely new Unlimited 3 Materials pack for the bone on these products. These are now in store - just grab the Unlimited 3 box again and you will find the male pack in the box.
With these new Materials you get 10 more "industrial" style materials options, which are rougher and darker than the female, although you could use them on the female without any issues.
The big change though is a minimal value shine factoring for the male horns. These are light shine items, with soft accents but they are still there.

I couldnt describe them if I tried... so best thing to do is try them out for yourself - U3 is always free.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Horns, Tail and Spike

Many years ago, I started a small studio on Second Life - the Demon Studio. It started with some hooves, a few tails, a few horns and some skins.
Seven years later, Second Life has changed, and its way overdue I brought those products in to the Mesh and Materials Age.

I am very pleased to announce the finalisation of a 6 month project to rework, rebuilt and completely transform the Demon Studios Horn, Tail and Spikes collection.

So whats what?
Demon Horns, Tails and Spikes in studio have been painstakingly reworked in part mesh to get around a technical problem regarding older Primitives. While doing this reworking, I have also improved on the designs cleaning up odd issues with the horns and making them smoother and more complete.
A new "Sleeve" (the metal ring covers on the horns) has been designed with the introduction of beautifully detailed gem encrusted sleeves with heavy detail work.
Materials Enhancement for the bone parts has been put in place, with 10 different Unlimited 3 Materials bumpiness options and 5 different levels of shine for metal and bone, with the option to remove materials if needed. Please note - you will need to be using Advanced Lighting Model to see Materials.
Unlimited 3 has been upgraded not only with the new Materials HUD, but a new "Tones" hud, featuring Two tone designs (shown above), and all the new Tartarus items now get special Tones versions. In addition, if you are new to Violet Studios, you can now Try before you buy. I have included for free with Unlimited the Slipstream horns, with both original and Tones format.
If you dont want to use materials that okay too. The Materials HUD also give the option to remove shine and bumpiness. In addition this first Materials HUD is just that - a first. If you want different options all you have to do is ask and I will be happy to investigate and possibly put in to production.

In total 44 heavily revised and upgraded products are now in store, and I have also again, reworked the demon studio putting the male department on the ground floor, and removing the upper floor all together. When it come to the new products you will also find they are now categorised - smallest to largest.
It should be worth noting, I have in this first batch released the Female Products. Male are still "old school" in store, however I will be doing the marketing for these ASAP and getting them out.

Here is a small selection of the revised 2016 Tartarus products look like...

I hope you like these as much as I do.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hanabi 2.0 - Digi Wool Legs

Okay... I couldnt leave it alone...
This should realistically be the final product though and oddly enough this is almost a new product.

One of Hanabi's first products was the Paw Wool Legs.One of the last products designed was the Nightmare Digi legs which only came in a leather style.

Now, for me, the Paw Wool Legs were old... too old.
On the Nightmares, they had far superior design, but were just one option.

These new Wool Digi legs are based loosely on the Nightmare, but have been heavily reworked and cleaned up to accept the full wool texture pack. They dont feature the "collar" on the top of the legs, however technically these heavy digi style legs complete the line up.
They have Fitted Mesh or stand aloe and editable static mesh versions, materials enhancements and the full line up of original textures. The Hooves are also optional so you can wear you own feet if you want.

Enjoy (and... I have done now... :P )

Friday, 11 December 2015

Scalez Mesh Bodies Update & Omega Bridge Update

Following on from the Release of the ADV2 Skin Series is the update to Scalez which will allow you to use ADV2 Make up appliers on the Scalez Macro / Micro Bodies.
Simply wear your updater to get the latest product.

Please note... Hippo Redelivery Terminals in world are now sadly broken. Hippo has been informed about this over a month ago, and they have done nothing. I will be moving over to Casper Vend shortly.

In the same vein as the Scalez Update was a minor "whoops" moment. When I released ADV2, I should have sent out an Update to the ADV to Omega Bridge too to cover the new make up appliers.
In the midst of the chaos though... I forgot.
Version 1.2 of the Omega Bridge is available in most stores now and is as always free.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hanabi 2.0 - Cyber Goggles & Store Completed

Its been a long few weeks here converting Hanabi Worxx, however having looked through everything, I believe the most popular items have been reworked.

There are two products I may still consider redoing - the Nightmare Warmers and the Paw Boots if there is enough requests.

If there is anything else you would like to see return, please get in touch.



Hanabi 2.0 - Moonstar

Sometimes, things just come together in a way you never imagined.

Moonstar is made up of the now updated Hanabi 2.0 Moonboots, and the heavily reworked, improved and upgraded Starcat armour.

Not much I can really say here... take a look.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hanabi 2.0 - Dandy Officers Hat

While working away, I managed to get this done in between big jobs.
Cyber punk style officers hat, with full materials enhancements, and 18 colour change wool textures for the main hat!

Hanabi 2.0 - GcE Cevlar Suite Release

This is one I know many have been waiting for.

These updates to the Gold Cat Empire Legs follow with the other refreshing I have done. You get Static or Fitted Mesh Designs, Materials Enhanced options, plus, a bonus over the original GcE is you also get Wool Versions. The Chest also included the GcE Celvar Barret too.

They are in store now.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hanabi 2.0 - Wool Arms, Legs, Get Busty Top, Barret & Scarf Release

Hanabi Worxx was always best known for its Wool Baggies avatar designs, and this is something I really wanted to continue over to the 2.0 Store. However, as amazing as these products were in 2010, today they were growing very dated with the prim and Sculpt Design.

The New 2.0 Updates feature Fitted Mesh however for customers who like to mod, I have created similar stand alone versions to the original, however these are all single piece mesh items. This means easier editing, scaling etc.
 As with the design style so far seen in Hanabi 2.0, I have consolidated and simplified things.
Previously there were 11 different packs featuring similar design theories. For Hanabi 2.0, I have consolidated all these packs in to one simple hud so you now get all of these in one shot.
Finally, keeping things right up to date, you also get materials on the Wool giving a subtle depth and surface feel to the items.
Currently released in store are the Get Busty Chest, the Wool Legs, and the Wool Arms.

Finally I have also released a refreshed and consolidated version of the Barret and Scarf packs.
You get all 9 original textures with this double pack, but... you also get the standard Wool Textures now too, so you can match!

More coming soon

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hanabi Worxx 2.0 Store Relaunch

When Violet Studios Opened back in 2009, I have always had close friends and fellow builders working with me in collaboration.
One of the oldest of these business partners was theDandelion, owner of Hanabi Worxx.

Sadly earlier this year, she decided to leave the grid, partly to focus more on her commercial artwork, and partly for reasons outside of her control.
As you may have noticed a few weeks back, the Hanabi Worxx store closed down and Violet Cybernetics moved up there however the plan was never to completely close the store down.
In our last conversation outside of SL, Dande transferred the rights to her store to me, and gave me licence to recreate her products and at the time I had decided to bring back a small number of her best sellers.

Recreating Hanabi Worxx is however a far more complex and convoluted task than it may sound. The Hanabi Worxx product lines were by todays standards very old, if still brilliant.
The process of recreation has taken me longer than I thought.
The first job really was to take a look at the complete store and its products, and which products should be recreated and which should go.
After a great deal of deliberating, I can confirm that all mesh outfits,  Clothing, a number of avatars and other the Hanabi VSX items sadly will not be coming back. However there are many products that are.

Introducing Hanabi Worxx 2.0
Hanabi Worxx 2.0 takes the original spirit of Dande’s store, and bring it in to the modern mesh era.
This initial release features many products you will be familiar with, but with a whole new twist to them.

As this is a PG blog, I cant show you everything picture wise, but I can give you a breakdown.

Moon Stomper 2.0 take what was a classic design from Hanabi and utterly turns it on its head. The original versions were prim and sculpt. The new ones are single piece fitted mesh. Featuring complete Violet Studios Texture reworks built from scratch, they include full materials support too, as well as Unlimited 3 Cyber integration.
Price is 500L$

Bulge String 2.0 at first glance is almost the same as the original, but that is just skin deep. Again, this new Version come in 4 piece mesh, with easy manual adjustment for the side belts now included. Unlike the original “multi vendor” options, you get all 11 Basic strings in one pack with Unlimited 3 control, plus you get 8 new Rubber textures for the bulge.
Price is 300.

Nightmare Tail 2.0  -This tail should be very familiar as it is just a straight conversion, however where it is different is the fact you now get full Headmaster 4 textures with 72 different tail hair textures on offer. At 300, this is very neat.

Hanabi Insanity Make up Line – As with all Hanabi Worxx skins, they came with integrated make ups in the skin, however I have recreated 5 of Dande’s best make ups in the new ADV2 Make up style.
Price is 150 each or 500 for the fat pack.

Drenai Avatars – I loved these original avatars. The updated 2.0 Avatar brings all new tech. First you get all 3 primary avatars (Tiger, Panther and Leopard) in one box, you get ears, horns and tail as per the original. Hooves now include the Skizma Fitted Mesh hooves, with clothing layers. You also get hair, eyes, shapefile too. Most important though, these are ADV2 Spec. That means you get implant appliers for Tangos, vString, Icon and Ecorp. You also get ADV2 mesh body appliers with Materials support, and as per ADV2 specs, these are compatible with Omega Advanced. Price is 1600.

Just need the skin update for the Drenai? Then that is available too. You get the same ADV2 specs, with the skin (including the reworked and improved face) – price is 600 for all 3 and will bring your Drenais up to date.

Skunky 2.0 – Refreshed and reinvigorated, Skunky 2.0 features the upgraded Skunky skin, with again Full ADV2 specs (implants, mesh body and omega advanced), Mesh Ears, a recreated Mesh Skunky Tail, and the Fusion Anthro Heavy Legs. Price is 1200 or if you just want the skin only update with the same ADV2 specs, that comes in at 400.

Tattoo – With reworking, I have released the refreshed versions of the Cumoflage and Star Tattoos. These come in full tattoo layer SL body styles, and you also get ADV spec Tattoo layer appliers, which are also via the Violet Studios Omega Bridge compatible with Omega too. Priced at 150 Each these are excellent Value.

These refreshed products are in the original Hanabi Worxx store now. Customers do need to note that these are not updates. They are for the most part completely refreshed products and sadly I wont be doing update for existing customers.

Coming next is the Woolie’s Spagetti project  which should appear in store soon. This has been probably the biggest headache of the Hanabi 2.0 project but are nearing completion now.
Also the Partner to the Moon Stompers is coming with a massive style update – the Star Cat Armour.
There will also be a hand full of other items such as her hats etc.
I am hoping to have the first parts of these project out within the next day or two.

I hope you like these fresh looks at Hanabi Worxx.