Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hanabi 2.0 - Digi Wool Legs

Okay... I couldnt leave it alone...
This should realistically be the final product though and oddly enough this is almost a new product.

One of Hanabi's first products was the Paw Wool Legs.One of the last products designed was the Nightmare Digi legs which only came in a leather style.

Now, for me, the Paw Wool Legs were old... too old.
On the Nightmares, they had far superior design, but were just one option.

These new Wool Digi legs are based loosely on the Nightmare, but have been heavily reworked and cleaned up to accept the full wool texture pack. They dont feature the "collar" on the top of the legs, however technically these heavy digi style legs complete the line up.
They have Fitted Mesh or stand aloe and editable static mesh versions, materials enhancements and the full line up of original textures. The Hooves are also optional so you can wear you own feet if you want.

Enjoy (and... I have done now... :P )