Thursday, 30 May 2013

Headmasters Cyber - Reaktor Hair Release

Continuing on from the release of our new cyber studio hairs, is the Reaktor hair.
This is perhaps a more extreme model with twin huge tails and highly detailed reactor core extensions.

As with the other Cyber Hairs it comes with the usual hair selection and Unlimited 2 Integration for glow, however you also get a texture change system for the reactor metal areas too.

Heres the picture and its in store now

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Headmasters / Violet Cybernetic Cross over

Sometimes I have ideas in my head, and they tend to just sit there, and dance around forever and the Headmasters Cyber line has been one such idea that up until now, has been something I wanted to do, but never did.

I supposed I could waffle on about this, but I am not going to. Easier to give you the skinny and a few press shots.
The Headmasters Cyberline, at least from the outside will be familiar as they work on a similar basis to the headmaster hairs with the same colour packs.
Obviously you get the Anime, Candy, Punk and Unnaturals, all in the regular 8 colours
You also get Red, Black, Blonde, Brown, and White, but not quite the same as normal - they only have 8 colours - the tipped versions are not available.
On the flip side of this though, you dont really loose out, as (you will see the from the marketing shots) these hairs come with quite aggressive streaking elements which are available on the second part of the hud.
For those, you get an additional 20 colours.
On top of all of this, you will also noticing the hard glow elements. The little (and often animated) elements are also full colour change with Unlimited 2 so while most of the marketing shows these as aqua glows, you can pick any colour you want!

In the first part of the release I have put out 7 hairs to start with, and this morning, I also release the Dysk Hair.

They are all in store now, and heres the eyecandy.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Headmasters - Gettai Hair release and Large in store update...

Well... what can I say about Gettai other than to show you the picture....

Its a part mesh hair, comes in the usual headmasters colour system, and is in store now.

Now thats out of the way, you may have read the group message however its fair to say limited space to say what the situation was so...

Those who can remember back that far, will obviously remember that Headmaster was originally the co-operative idea of Studio Worxx - an idea that was supposed to see four designers doing unique and different hair styles all under one roof.
Things however dont often go to plan, and in the end there was just two of us who eventually launched Studio Worxx - myself and Vii.
Studio Worxx did well for itself however with the original idea of the store gone by the wayside, and with the release of the so called Mark 2 texture system in store, the decision was made to make the store name more reflective of a hair studio, hence it became rebranded as the new Headmasters Store.

Now... the tricker part. Sadly for reasons outside both myself and Vii's control, the migration to Headmasters didnt go smoothly. In fact a little under 20 hairs in store were still under the Studio Worxx brand.

Over the weekend, visitors to the Headmasters store will now have seen that migration has now been done and all the original Studio Worxx (and some of the Mark 2 Headmasters hairs that didnt move to the HUD system) have now been all brought right up to the Mark 3 HUD driven texture system.

Sadly it has seen a roughly 6 hairs disappear from in store (mainly the reason was due to incompatbilities within the texture HUD system with those hairs) however it does mean a much more advanced choice of hairs are now available plus, there is actually one hair in there which is new too outside of the Gettai Hair.

So... Everything is up to date in Headmasters


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Verotic Male Studio - Zen Skin Update and new Tiber Skin Release

Since the early part of this year I have been working on and off on the update to the Verotic Male studio.

First area of interest for me really was the beard designs, so with the new skins you get what is effectively a new series of beard designs completely reworked.
In addition, going back to an older idea, you no longer can buy the Clean Shave option - it actually comes with any beard option you buy.

Looking over Zen, there were a few things that had niggled me a little so the update here focused on making the Zen Skin better, rather than redefining it or replacing it.
One area that is worth a look through is the skin tones which have been changed for a more vibrant design.

It is fair to say though that looking back both the Tao and Yin Skins did need to be removed and replaced and to that end, I created a whole new Skin called Tiber (its pictured above).
Tiber is a very rich and luminous skin with a very realistic design and offers you the same kind of options that you get with the Zen skin.
Smooth or Hairy body, and trimmed or untrimmed in the nether regions. You also get the beard of your choice and you will get the Clean Shave option too.
And all this for the bargain price of just 600L$.