Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Fusion Ultima - Realz 5 Chests now in store

Not everything is about going big with Fusion and many customers have asked for something a little different.
The Realz Lower breasts as pretty much what they say. They sit lower on the chest in a more natural way.

Full details and pictures are on the Adult Blog

They are 500L$ and they are in store now

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Fusion Faun Hooves now available

I have had many people ask me for these over the years and I finally thought I would give these a go.

The Faun Hooves are actually very thin and almost stick like hooves. Even Skizma considering their size were quite well built. These are designed for slim to medium avatars.
You get a full compliment of Fusion compatibility as always, plus they are available as Stand Alone versions too for use with other mesh bodies / the stock SL avatar.

As with all Fusion Hooves, you get three layers (Skin / Clothing / Tattoo), Daily hud and Designer HUD's for the stand alone versions and free updates.

They are 600L$, and demos are available to try before you buy.


Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fusion Ultima - Superthick Lower Body Released

As is always the case with me, you ask, I will see what I can do.
The Superthick Torso Lower bodies are designed for far wider set avatars working specifically with a hip width of 75-100 on the sliders. This does make the lower bodies extremely wide and considering they are very heavy set.

Sadly can't show the image here as this is a PG Blog but to see if you can click here

It's 500L$, you get two version - Regular and Extreme and they are in store now.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fusion Ultimate "Beyond" Chest Modules Released

Following on from the release of the Orbz Breasts, I had (as usual) a lot of customers asking for me to go bigger... Who am I to argue?
The Beyond Chest modules are effectively the largest breasts I produce in fitted meash with that super fake spherical look. You get three sizes - Huge, Beyond belief and way over the top.

As this is a PG Blog, I cant show you them here but if you click this link, you can take a look

They are 500L$ and in store now!


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fusion - Supercurves Updated

Just so customers know I was informed of a glitch on the supercurves relating to the clothing layers.
These have now been repaired and rereleased - Simply wear your updater or visit the redelivery terminal in store to get the fix.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Demon Studio - Ylondra Horns

I have been experimenting with design style as I move my horn designs forward and I have to say, these turned out really quite lovely.
These are quite different for two reasons. Firstly is the multi prong design on the tips I have experimented with before and the claw design which is quite unique. Secondly though is the inset gem channels along the length of the horns adding that extra little bit of beauty.

As always, these are Tartarus style dark horns with tassles, chains, inset gems all fully controllable on texture, colour etc via the Unlimited 3 HUDs which is free in my stores.

Priced at 250L$ these are a beautiful addition to any demon avatar.

Fusion Mesh Bodies - Orbz Chests Released

As this is not an adult blog, I cant show you much.

You can take a look at the Adult Blog for more information by clicking here

Orbz are something I have been asked for by my customers for ages now and effectively they are a set of super fake spherical breasts. You get three sizes - Medium, Large and Seriously Large (technically they are second largest set I do).

So we are clear, these are not vStrings. They are designed to work with the Fusion Mesh body only.

They are 500L$ and in store now!