Saturday, 12 October 2013

Footwear Update (Multiple Studios)

As you may have noticed I have for a long time I have been working towards improvements in the way scripted Violet Studios products affect users, particularly in the volume of scripting used in products.
This has been ongoing now since 2010 when Linden Labs introduced ... ever so quietly... their script limits on to the grid.

Part of the improvements being made have already been seen in various areas such as vString, VSX and Beholder of late with the introduction of our in house build Unlimited 3 system for texture, colour etc.

Continuing with this theme, we have been working on the planned updates to our Footwear across multiple stores which have now been upgraded to Unlimited 3.
Whats the benefits? The products themselves havent changed really - they are pretty much the same as they were before, however rather than using the older Unlimited 2 system to do the "business" they now work on Unlimited 3 which offers a simpler, cleaner and easier to use HUD system, and better - they use just 1 script in each product which overall costs a great deal less.

Whats been affected?
In the Demon Studio, Koras 3 and Urban Demon 2 Boots have now been updated to Version 3.
In the LTX store, the "Prey" line of boots and Extras have all been updated.
In the Verotic Clothing store, the Prey Leather Boots and the Style Heels have all been updated.

All of these products come with the updating system so all you need to do to grab a fresh copy - wear the updater and save yourself some scripting cost... okay, alot of scripting costs.

Expect more soon on this project.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

VSXM - 9 New products in store

I would go in to detail, but as usual, I wont due to the fact this blog is PG.
Full details can be found in the Violet Studios Adult Products Blog.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Beholder Eyes - Eyvolution Version 2 released

Last year, I decided to shake things up a little with the introduction of our quite stunning Eyvolution system of Rigged mesh eyes, with a staggering line of features.

And its fair to say they have been a great success, so when it came to looking at Version 2, the idea I had was to improve it.

The original Eyvolution system wasnt exactly script heavy - in fact they were coming in at around 18 scripts however there was room for improvements.

As you will have seen from VSX and vStrings, we have been working on our new in house systems recently when it comes to Designer HUD's. But what isnt that well know is the new HUD system we have developed is forming the basis of our updated Unlimited 3 system that we are slowly rolling out.

The Beholder Eyvolutions are the first batch of products to full benefit from the Unlimited 3 system, and the results are nothing short of excellent.
Functionality wise, you now have multi area control for everything - bright, glow etc so overall it improves what was available before.
But, as this was designed from the start to be an extremely scripting efficient product, the Version 2 update now has just 3 scripts. This in turn cuts down on your scripting costs overall which is always a good thing.

And, if you have the eyes, just wear them and the update will be automatically sent to you.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013

VSXM Phase 3 "Slitter" Series now in store

As usual, with this being the PG Blog, I cant really show you, but if you check out by....

Clicking here


vString XL / XXL 3.5 Update - Evos

Customer have begged us to do this, and now we have released them.
These are now available as part of the XL and XXL breast packs but please read this before running to the store...

vString have always been at the forefront of innovation in implants, be it design or scripting. During the vString 3 project, we had been pushing the boundaries with our new Evo line of breasts, however we knew there were some limits that would go a little too far which is why on the release we actually didn’t push through our XL or XXL Evo models for two reasons.

The First was the Quality of the outputted texture maps was really pushing what the actual textures themselves could do, and I personally was not happy with how things were looking.
The Second was the general philosophy of each model. The X_X will always be a fashion breast not related to the role playing side, where as the XL and XXL needed that flexibility to allow role play.

I did know what would come next, and it wasn’t that much of a suprise when it did.
“Can you do the XL or XXL in the Evo format?”

Well, you, as the customers asked and so, the 3.5 models of the XL and XXL are out and the changes are, they have Evo models but there are things you need to be aware of.

This bits quite important though so please read.
If you are thinking of buying the XL or XXL purely on the basis that they have Evo models, DON’T.

I will try to keep this part a simple as I can as the whole issue gets very technical.
If you fancy the more technical explanation, go to my Hemi's soapbox blog (its on the right).
The SL upper body texture is perfect for the application it was developed for – namely the SL avatar. Designers on SL have been taking advantage of the upper body though and forcing it to do interesting things such as what we did with the Evo X_X. However, even with the X_X we were pushing what we could do with the texture.

The XL Evos have pushed the texture even further and the result is, as you would expect, the textures have started to protest. There are surface issues with them distorting the texture. The XXL Evos have sadly taken that a whole step further and while the XL you can accept and dismiss the texture issues, the XXL are a little harder to dismiss.
This is to the degree that when it came to the XXL Super Evo’s, they simply didn’t work and as a result, I had to discontinue that design idea (hence why there are only 2 Evos for the XXL)

At vString, we are very proud of the quality we give our customers and I am never happy about releasing something that doesn’t live up to my own personal high expectations. I know customers though have begged us to do this, and after 3 months of testing and developing we have pushed what we can do to its limit.
Working with the SL upper body texture, the XL and XXL Evos are as good as I can make them, however they are not perfect and it is true that they could never be perfect.

If you buy the XL / XXL, buy them for the much higher quality original models, however if you do want to use the Optional Evo models, then they are there for you.

Friday, 16 August 2013

VSXM Phase 2 Adult Anatomy Release Underway

As usual because this is an Adult product release, I cant blog about it in here... but..

Take a look at VSXM Phase 2 by clicking here


Monday, 29 July 2013

Evo / Tango Skin Update - Additional HUDs - Demon and Verotic Studio

I have just finished part of one of an upgrade to the Lolas Tangos / vString Evo appliers with the introduction of the so called "Nat" HUD.

In the Demon Studio, the Elyssian / Veyra Skins (All) and the Moritas Skin (All) have been updated.

In the Verotic Store, Ava, Gia and Ori have been updated.

Other Skins (such as Abyss / Torya) didnt need updating as they dont seem to be affected as badly)

If you wear the Applier HUD, you will be automatically sent the update - if you are still on the older model of separate appliers, wear the Updater box that came with the appliers.

In addition, here is a name I am surprised to be saying but Scythe is now available for Tangos and Evos ... even if the skin was discontinued 2 years ago.
I was begged by customers to do this update as apparently people still have a soft spot for this skin so it is now Tango and Evo compatible.
Again, just wear the updater box that came with you appliers / skin to get the latest version.

Whats this update about though?

As many will know at the back end of last year, I updated my skins line to be Tango's compatible and subsequently vString Evo compatible.
However, this has been a bit of a painful time really as it seems that environmental factors on Second Life have been causing the skins and implant textures to do some very silly things.

If you want more detail on this, head over to the soapbox where you will find an article on exactly what the problem is however skipping to the end of that article I sadly had to draw a stark conclusion.

Simply put, there is no solution to these errors - its very much an end user thing that I have zero control over.

To that end, if I cant provide an all encompassing solution, then the next best thing is to provide two huds.

The original HUD is there for those that liked the way I custom tinted the implants in so they matched to regular implant settings on SL.

The New "Nat" HUD is a raw output - what this means is there is no messing around, no extra shading or tinting - what is on the avatar, is the same as what is on the implants.

Its up to customers really which they prefer but its nice to have the option.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Verotic / LTX Clothing Update - Super Appliers, Tangos and Evos!

Violet Studios has always been at the forefront of developing new tech and design theory when it comes to our products, and one thing that has constantly bugged me personally is the way appliers work.
In the old school way, customers would end up with 10+ separate appliers in their sales boxes, causing confusion and irration. From a designers POV they were a nightmare to work with, taking excessive time and effort to put together.

During the vString 3 project, we showed off our Super Applier system for skins - gone were the dozens of boxes - everything was put in to one easy to use HUD.... and now we have done it for clothing too!

The Clothing Super Applier has now been rolled out to all Verotic and LTX Clothing in my stores making things an absolute doddle to use.

How does it work? Wear the HUD... press the relevant button that matches the breasts you are wearing.

What, you expected more effort?

The secondary reason for this update though was moving all my clothing over to the SL Upper body Mapping which is currently available on Lolas Tangos and on vString. This update required a massive amount of work as effectively I had to rework, design and upload new textures for every single item across the range (it add up to over 300 new textures).

I personally will admit, I was dubious about how these textures would look on Implants, however after finishing the update, I have to say, I am sold as  the new textures add a level of seamless depth to those breasts that are capable of using them.

For Lolas Tangos, we have after considerable thought on the matter, had to create a special script to handle working with the super applier. This may sound strange and Tangos come with their own applier, but cutting a long story short - I wont use it.
The Tangos script we have designed is quite intelligent though as it not only works with our super applier, but adds a neat little feature in that older products that are vString compatible, will apply to the breasts!

Just making that bit clear - if you have this script in your tangos, and you have a Version 2 vString applier with an item of clothing, and you wear that applier, the top from the applier will be sent to your tangos and
will work - maybe not perfectly, but it opens up a new feature for you.

The script itself only need be put in your implant the one time. Once its in there, it will work for all outfits you buy from Violet Studios.

So... Summing up.
* Simple, Easy to Use applier system
* Tango / Evo Top textures now available
* Extra features to Lolas Tangos
* The Most popular SL brands available
* Works with other compatible Implants!

Even nicer... The Scripts are available for free in world - just find the LTX and Verotic Notice in store (it looks like this really.  If you buy this  board, you get the Tangos Script and Instructions making your Tangos backwards compatible.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

VSXM Arrives in store

As this is the PG blog, I wont really say much more here - the VSXM (VSX Mesh) series have arrived in store - either check out the Adult blog for more details, pictures etc, or pop in to the Main VSX Store in world to see what all the hoohaa is about.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

VSX Version 5.0 Released

I am pleased to say VSX Version 5.0 has been released.
For more information on this, see the Adult Blog for VSX and vString.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Headmasters Cyber - Kage Hair Released

The final cyber release for the moment - Cage is a elegant polytail style with a cage like containment system on the upper part.

I will be bringing more Cyber hairs out over time - Kage is in store now

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Headmasters Cyber - Chronarch Hair

Continuing the new production releases from the Headmasters Cyber Line is the Chronarch Hair

It has the usual styles Cyber options available and is very different from the usual styles we have on offer.
I think the picture says it all.

Its in store now

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Headmasters Cyber - Reaktor Hair Release

Continuing on from the release of our new cyber studio hairs, is the Reaktor hair.
This is perhaps a more extreme model with twin huge tails and highly detailed reactor core extensions.

As with the other Cyber Hairs it comes with the usual hair selection and Unlimited 2 Integration for glow, however you also get a texture change system for the reactor metal areas too.

Heres the picture and its in store now

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Headmasters / Violet Cybernetic Cross over

Sometimes I have ideas in my head, and they tend to just sit there, and dance around forever and the Headmasters Cyber line has been one such idea that up until now, has been something I wanted to do, but never did.

I supposed I could waffle on about this, but I am not going to. Easier to give you the skinny and a few press shots.
The Headmasters Cyberline, at least from the outside will be familiar as they work on a similar basis to the headmaster hairs with the same colour packs.
Obviously you get the Anime, Candy, Punk and Unnaturals, all in the regular 8 colours
You also get Red, Black, Blonde, Brown, and White, but not quite the same as normal - they only have 8 colours - the tipped versions are not available.
On the flip side of this though, you dont really loose out, as (you will see the from the marketing shots) these hairs come with quite aggressive streaking elements which are available on the second part of the hud.
For those, you get an additional 20 colours.
On top of all of this, you will also noticing the hard glow elements. The little (and often animated) elements are also full colour change with Unlimited 2 so while most of the marketing shows these as aqua glows, you can pick any colour you want!

In the first part of the release I have put out 7 hairs to start with, and this morning, I also release the Dysk Hair.

They are all in store now, and heres the eyecandy.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Headmasters - Gettai Hair release and Large in store update...

Well... what can I say about Gettai other than to show you the picture....

Its a part mesh hair, comes in the usual headmasters colour system, and is in store now.

Now thats out of the way, you may have read the group message however its fair to say limited space to say what the situation was so...

Those who can remember back that far, will obviously remember that Headmaster was originally the co-operative idea of Studio Worxx - an idea that was supposed to see four designers doing unique and different hair styles all under one roof.
Things however dont often go to plan, and in the end there was just two of us who eventually launched Studio Worxx - myself and Vii.
Studio Worxx did well for itself however with the original idea of the store gone by the wayside, and with the release of the so called Mark 2 texture system in store, the decision was made to make the store name more reflective of a hair studio, hence it became rebranded as the new Headmasters Store.

Now... the tricker part. Sadly for reasons outside both myself and Vii's control, the migration to Headmasters didnt go smoothly. In fact a little under 20 hairs in store were still under the Studio Worxx brand.

Over the weekend, visitors to the Headmasters store will now have seen that migration has now been done and all the original Studio Worxx (and some of the Mark 2 Headmasters hairs that didnt move to the HUD system) have now been all brought right up to the Mark 3 HUD driven texture system.

Sadly it has seen a roughly 6 hairs disappear from in store (mainly the reason was due to incompatbilities within the texture HUD system with those hairs) however it does mean a much more advanced choice of hairs are now available plus, there is actually one hair in there which is new too outside of the Gettai Hair.

So... Everything is up to date in Headmasters


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Verotic Male Studio - Zen Skin Update and new Tiber Skin Release

Since the early part of this year I have been working on and off on the update to the Verotic Male studio.

First area of interest for me really was the beard designs, so with the new skins you get what is effectively a new series of beard designs completely reworked.
In addition, going back to an older idea, you no longer can buy the Clean Shave option - it actually comes with any beard option you buy.

Looking over Zen, there were a few things that had niggled me a little so the update here focused on making the Zen Skin better, rather than redefining it or replacing it.
One area that is worth a look through is the skin tones which have been changed for a more vibrant design.

It is fair to say though that looking back both the Tao and Yin Skins did need to be removed and replaced and to that end, I created a whole new Skin called Tiber (its pictured above).
Tiber is a very rich and luminous skin with a very realistic design and offers you the same kind of options that you get with the Zen skin.
Smooth or Hairy body, and trimmed or untrimmed in the nether regions. You also get the beard of your choice and you will get the Clean Shave option too.
And all this for the bargain price of just 600L$.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

vString 3 Released (updated)

I am very pleased to say that after nearly a year in development, vString 3 is finally in store.

The new features list is massive however because this is a PG blog, I cant really go too far in to that...

Which is why there is now the Violet Studios Adult Blog, which can be rather more naughty.

Click here to go to the Violet Studios Adult Blog!

You will also notice that on the right side, there is now a permanent link to it too...

*** Update...***

As always things this complicated never go smooth first try, and after the primary release, a few rather bizarre issues turned up in the scripting that were rather unexpected and out of the blue.
I would go geek on this, but I wont - needless to say it they needed fixing, and they have been fixed.
If you got the version 3.0 Release, I would recommend you update them to the latest Version 3.01 release.

*** Update 2... ***
Okay, it has been a week of unexpected bugs and feedback from customers.
There has been some bug fixing going on with specific models.
Xilu and X-Fet are pretty stable and havent been updated since the last note.
XL and XXL did get an update midweek to fix some unexpected issues and are now on 3.02
X_X has now not only had bug fixes, but the Evo models have come in for some more heavy upgrades including a new bra layer and more - current version which has just been released is 3.03.

Could Developers please note - we did find a few utterly strange issues in the basic clothing applier, and as the Evo has now had its bra layer added, we had to add  the applier in for that. This new Dev kit is the current model so please update any of the models when you are ready as the Dev pack is in all model boxes.

At this time, I believe we now have the Version 3 release stable and fingers crossed this will be the last update

Friday, 15 February 2013

Headmasters - Stream Rigged Mesh Hair

(I did warn you that now things have gotten sorted out, I would be releasing stuff pretty rapidly)

Stream is the second full on Rigged mesh hair to be released in headmasters. This is a little atypical of the usual rigged hairs you tend to see but with clean lines and a long smooth flowing back, its a little understated but elegant.

Headmasters - Hooligan Hair Release

Nuff said...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Headmasters - Sultry Hair Released

Following on from the last release is the "Sultry" hair release.
As I mentioned, while Rigged mesh may be limited in to what it can do, Mesh is more flexible and Sultry is a pure mesh hair.

Overall, even I have to admit, this is a very sleek bob style and I personally think it looks stunning.

Its in store now, all usual colours.

Headmasters - Simmer Rigged Mesh Hair Released

As you will have seen from my previous post, a great deal of the last year has been about cleaning up and learning for me, and finally, its about time to start putting the new Headmasters texture system and my new knowledge all to good use.

Simmer is the first Headmasters hair to feature the "Rigging" technology. What this means is as your avatar moves, the hair moves fluidly with it. You will need a Mesh capable viewer to use this properly, however with over 98% of users on SL now using Mesh capable viewers, this is a bit of a moot point.

Simmer is in store now, in all the usual Headmasters colours.

A little retrospective...
Having been working to rigging for hairs for some time now, I am pretty pleased with the results that have been coming out, however I am finding that there are some severe limitations to it as well.
A number of people in the past had previously said to me "Rigged mesh will kill traditional hair making in SL"
As with most things people have speculated with mesh, this was pretty much an incorrect statement and having worked with everything from short to long styles in testing rigged mesh, I can say with confidence that the only point where rigged mesh really comes in to its own is for the longer style that is featured on Simmer. And even then, there are some heavy limits to what you can do as the neck rotation means you get polygon buckling occurring if you "poof" out the hair alot (increase the width over the shoulder).
The second thing to consider is the detail levels you can put in, and I hate to say it, but again, they are very limited to what you can do. Trying to keep polygon costs down is almost impossible when dealing with hairs which is why Simmer has so few pieces.
While Rigged mesh is a handy new tool to use for hairs and does create some stunning work, I think I can say with all honesty, it wont be replacing traditional hair building techniques on Second Life.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Evolution Make Ups - Xeno Pack Released

As the dust is now settling around the stores, I am please to say the first almost new make up pack is now in store. The Xeno pack gives a full up to date take on some of our classic demon make ups.
I have missed the old Extermina make ups - the lips on them were very intricate and detailed, but sorely needing work - which is now done with three make ups based around this.
Add in the Cracked & Unnatural make ups to that, you have Xeno
They are in both the Verotic and Demon Studios

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Demon Studio - Evolution Make Ups

I think, if you read the previous two posts, you will already have an idea of what Evolution is, and how it works.

While this doesnt cover the massive task it has been doing this update, I am pleased to say Evolution's launch completes itself with the Demon Studio skins lines.

As always, you can get updated models by wearing the breast updater box that can be found with your original sales folder.

For Moritas and Abyss, you will get the full skin Blanker model, while for Veyra and Elyssian there are tattoo layer updates.
Torya has given me a headache though. If you would like the update, drop me a notecard in world and I will arrange with you to do an update.

In the Demon Studio Right now, you will find the Original Gothica and Lust Options, Gothica Moonstar, the Cyber line TekTok and Crystal Make ups and the Eleator Gothica Make up (all of which are available in Verotic as well as human options).
I am however working on two new demon studio specific make up packs (10 total) which will be released shortly.

Here is a teaser and they are all in store now

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nosferatu Studio Evolution Make up Launched

Following on from yesterdays launch of the Verotic Evolution make up line, I am very pleased to say that the Nosferatu Female skins have now been converted over to the new Evolution system.

I wont go in to the extreme detail I did in my previous post - if you want to find out more, read that one.

With the Nosferatu Skins, there is a small note that wearing the breast applier updater will send you a full version of the Blanker skin, not a tattoo layer.

What this means for the Nosferatu Studio is not only are the original and unique Death and Eleator Make ups now converted over to the new system but you can now use ANY of the Verotic Evolution make ups on your skin.

Part of the original Nosferatu series, was the Gothica Original Make up...
The picture below, show the Verotic Gothica Original make up, on the Nosferatu skin, just proving the point, one make up fits all!

The updates in store now

Thanks for reading

Verotic Evolution Make Up System Launched

Second Life Skins
When I originally created Verotic, things on Second Life were rather more basic that they are today. Back then, if you wanted to do a skin, you had one basic option – The Skin layer. You could of course tweek those skin layers by adding “extra” layers over the top but there was one thing that couldn’t be changed – the face.
Over the last 3 years though things on Second Life have changed thanks to the Tattoo layer.
Now, I hear you say, but surely we have had tattoo layer for nearly 3 years now. Its true, we have. However there has been a rather sizeable but surrounding this. Which is of course, you could only wear one tattoo layer. In the last year or so that has changed, with the introduction of multi layers. What this means is you can wear and “stack” up to five tattoo layers at once. However... there was still a but over this.
It has only been within the last three or so months that the user percentages of people using multi layer capable viewers has got to a point where its become realistic to look in detail at doing complex stacked tattoo layers.

Verotic Dilemma
So... we have got the background which then brings us to Verotic and the nightmare that left me quaking. Most people will probably think that doing make ups isn’t a hard job really. You would be wrong. When I first started Verotic, it wasn’t exactly easy, and I only had the original Celeste skin. Since then I have introduced the Gia and Ori skins, not to mention my other specialist skins.

But whats the issue?
Each individual skin, comes with 8 skins that need editing for just one make up.

And there are 8 skin tones for example on Ava. Thats 64 Skins that need to be edited.
Of course, if I add it to Ava, I also have to do Gia and Ori. 64+64+32=160 Skins to Edit.
Oh... Cant forget I have Ava Muscle, Ava Pumped and Ori  Muscle – 160+160=320 Skins.

And finally – this is just 1 individual make up. Each pack I release has 5 different make ups...
So... For me to do one new make up pack means editing 1600 skins. And of course, don’t forget the 200 demos for those skins, and the 400 older make up layers.
Then I have to redo all the marketing, and press shots, board assembly etc etc. Not to mention, each of those files has to be quality controlled as the viewer does have an error ratio of about 1%...

Over all, doing the make ups takes a few days each.
Assembling them requires editing 2200 items, and roughly 2 weeks of solid, day in and out work.

Perhaps it make sense, that I am very reluctant and daunted by adding just one new make up pack to the Verotic skins line. The old method is quite flawed.... so there has to be a solution?

The Evolution Revolution
Evolution is a whole new way of looking at Make ups at Verotic. Ultilising the new multi layer system tattoo layers, and using the stacking idea, Evolution means things work a lot better for me, as each make up now only requires the creation of 19 Tattoo layers, and its better for you because regardless of if you buy Gia 08 or Ava 01, once you have bought the new make up, it can be used on any Verotic or Violet Studios skin.

Evolution has really brought up an interesting effect though.
The basic Verotic skin line, as it is at the moment, has 25 make ups per skin. This is where the real power behind the evolution model comes in to its own – there are now over 80 make ups in store, with new Natural, Gothica, City and Lust models. Not to mention the all new Cyber line. This has changed the Verotic equation in a massive way.

But, there is more... This new system means creating all new base model skins is not the epic job that I have had to deal with before.
The new Evolution skins are due to arrive soon. Basically buy one skin, then add the make up you want on top. I have technically had three all new skins sitting in inventory now for the last year, which I have been putting off releasing due to the sheer volume of time it would have taken to create them.

Finally, thanks to this system, it means that Verotic will be releasing new make ups in store probably every few weeks now!

Getting Set up for Evolution
Firstly if you buy any of our skins after the 3rd Feb 2012, you will find not only is the make up you bought in there, but there is also another “Blanker” skin. To use Evolution, all you do is wear the blanker, then the make up... simples!
The last thing I want to do though is have customers buying a whole new skin so I have had to change a few things.

With each Violet Studios skin, you will have received a breast implant appliers box – if you wear the updater that is in that box, you will find you will receive the new “Blanker” Tattoo – this is effective a plain make up with no eyebrows. When you unpack it, simply wear the model you want.

On top of that, you need to add the new make up of your choice. This is where things get rather neat. In the make up box, you will find there are 6 eyebrow models, in three Shade tones.
Obviously for 01 to 03 skins you will need the Light Tone. For 04 to 06 skins, wear the mid, and for 07 to 08 wear the Dark.

For the new make ups, I really did a number for you. There are 6 eyebrows. These are split in to White, Brown or Black. And, you can choose from those, thin or thicker models.

Also in the box you will find that you can also get the “no brow” model which can be used in combination with the separate eyebrow layers (which come with the Verotic Blanker Tattoo / Skin). Both of these are tintable, so you can, if you want, fiddle with the set up to your hearts content. For example wearing the white brows, you can tint them pink!

And that ... is why its called Evolution...

Friday, 18 January 2013

Headmasters 3 Textures Update Part Release

Back in 2010, we had a vision, and Studio Worxx hit Second Life, offering a selection of high quality hair products. In 2011, we decided to mix things up a little with a new, cutting edge hair studios creating our new  Headmasters store.

At the core of the original Headmasters was our textures.These textures were designed from scratch.
Blondes that are blonde, not yellow ; Blacks that are rich, deep, glossy and soulful ; Browns that are warm and lustful ; Reds offering a true ginger and deep cherries.
Add to that the utterly unique Anime, Unnatural, Punk and Candy ranges with utterly vivid texturing, the so called Mark 2 Headmaster textures were a huge hit.

No project is ever complete and over the last year Headmasters has been evolving.
The first surprise is, Headmasters has moved to a HUD driven system. The second surprise is no longer do you get just 4 colours. You get 8 to 12 per pack!

Let me clarify this.
When I was looking at the new release I realised that there was so much more potential left. After running through the extra hairs, I hit an issue - the studio would be an utter mess and totally out of control if I released the hairs in packs of 4.
In an ideal world, I wanted to make the product lines even simpler than they were.

The first decision I made was to merge the “Tipped” packs with their primary colours. That took the basic
product line down to just 9 packs per hair.
From there, I added in 4 new colours per pack and when you see some of these colours... even I have to admit I love them.

The result is, each hair now has 92 colours total.
The Basic coloured hair has gone up, but not by much and the special packs remain the same price. Even better is the fat packs are now amazing value.

There is a little bit of a catch though. The release is still a work in progress although we should have updated it all soon.

Check out the Headmasters store on the main Violet Studios sims for more details.... and here is a little tease from the updated shoot. This texture is part of the punk packs.

vString Studio - X-Fet and Xilu Breasts Now in store

Many moons ago, I had some ideas I wanted to do for the Demon Studio, and one was a rather unique set of demonic breasts. Sadly though, at the time the best we had to work with was sculpts and prims, so the project got bumped back in to my inventory.
However, since mesh came along, it has opened quite a few new avenues for myself, allowing hugely technical designs to be built in very few objects.
As a result, those old designs were dusted down, reworked and translated in to rather frighteningly detailed mesh.

On the flip side, one thing I was constantly asked for vStrings was "are you going to do some fetish or BDSM breasts".
This was something we had planned for along time, and I had a set of test units again in inventory, but due to the sheer scale of the parts, they didnt work well.
Thanks to some work with mesh though I am pleased to say, the X-Fets are now in store.

I could carry on talking about these, but I wont. To get the full low down, its best to visit the vstring store in world. You can find it by searching for vStrings, or by looking on my profile's picks.

They are both in store now, there are demos to try out, and they are coming in at 1200L$ each.