Monday, 29 July 2013

Evo / Tango Skin Update - Additional HUDs - Demon and Verotic Studio

I have just finished part of one of an upgrade to the Lolas Tangos / vString Evo appliers with the introduction of the so called "Nat" HUD.

In the Demon Studio, the Elyssian / Veyra Skins (All) and the Moritas Skin (All) have been updated.

In the Verotic Store, Ava, Gia and Ori have been updated.

Other Skins (such as Abyss / Torya) didnt need updating as they dont seem to be affected as badly)

If you wear the Applier HUD, you will be automatically sent the update - if you are still on the older model of separate appliers, wear the Updater box that came with the appliers.

In addition, here is a name I am surprised to be saying but Scythe is now available for Tangos and Evos ... even if the skin was discontinued 2 years ago.
I was begged by customers to do this update as apparently people still have a soft spot for this skin so it is now Tango and Evo compatible.
Again, just wear the updater box that came with you appliers / skin to get the latest version.

Whats this update about though?

As many will know at the back end of last year, I updated my skins line to be Tango's compatible and subsequently vString Evo compatible.
However, this has been a bit of a painful time really as it seems that environmental factors on Second Life have been causing the skins and implant textures to do some very silly things.

If you want more detail on this, head over to the soapbox where you will find an article on exactly what the problem is however skipping to the end of that article I sadly had to draw a stark conclusion.

Simply put, there is no solution to these errors - its very much an end user thing that I have zero control over.

To that end, if I cant provide an all encompassing solution, then the next best thing is to provide two huds.

The original HUD is there for those that liked the way I custom tinted the implants in so they matched to regular implant settings on SL.

The New "Nat" HUD is a raw output - what this means is there is no messing around, no extra shading or tinting - what is on the avatar, is the same as what is on the implants.

Its up to customers really which they prefer but its nice to have the option.