Monday, 27 April 2015

Fusion - Ilfris Demoness Full Mesh body

The final part of the Tartarus Hooves release is a new Fusion Demon body - Ilfris.

Full Details are on the Adult blog - Click here to go there

Price is the standard Fusion Price of 1500L$, however if you already own Fusion and want to use the Pick and Mix, that is available too at just 500L$.

Scalez Demon Bodies now available

Following the release of the Scalez bodies I have been listening to customers, and taking onboard ideas, and one that has come up again and again, was the desire for a demon Scalez range.
With the release of the new Tartarus Hooves, I am pleased to say that Demon Scalez is now available in the demon store.

Take 4 basic styles of the of the Scalez human bodiess - Supermodel, Athletic, Skinny and Amazon, these have now been matched to four of the the new Tartarus style hooves.
Supermodel has the Necrosol hooves, Athletic gets the Aerzor hooves, Skinny gets the Skizma hooves and Amazon gets the Ilfris Hooves.

Size wise, you get  1 Foot, 2 Feet, 3 Feet, 10 Feet, 16 Feet and 30 Feet.
A choice of three different face designs, clothing and tattoo layers.
Fusion / ADV compatible on the applier side and Materials support and give them many of Fusions HUD features.

You get 4 packs including all the size based on the bodies each priced at 1000L$.
You can find them in the Fusion Store and the Demon store (by the horns).

If you would like to see each of the 4 bodies, click here to go to the Adult Blog

Hold on... the Ilfris hooves....? There is going to be a second release to this.. give me a moment.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Fusion Demon Hooves

Continuing with the release in store of the Tartarus Project comes a pretty long term cross over project with our Fusion Mesh bodies range - the new Tartarus Fusion Hooves.

Bringing our hoof design for demons in to full on Fitted Mesh territory, these new hooves are a quantum leap over our original studio hooves (which I may add, due to various reasons are still for sale in store).

You get three styles:
Stand Alone - These are designed for the original SL avatar
None Rigged - a simpler version that is Static Mesh and is moddable.
Fusion - Fully integrated, seamless Fitted Mesh hooves designed to work and integrate with exisiting Fusion mesh bodies.

Both Stand Alone and Fusion Hooves come in SL body mapping - this means they will work with SL skin, and clothing textures. Hence, these new hooves have a clothing and Tattoo Layer.

More information is on the instore marketing

You get 4 basic styles of hooves

The are in store now at at 600L$

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

LTX Studio - Kalis Cyber Latex Released

I can be very forgetful sometimes and this is a classic example.

Those of you who know Violet Studios products well will recognise this outfit because its been featured in multiple products such as vString Revos and Scalez.
In fact Kalis was designed 3 years ago and for one reason or another, I kept forgetting to release it *coughs*

Okay, thats changed and you also get a hint of the LTX upcoming Rebrand here too.
Kalis comes in 5 primary colours including the new Bubblegum pink style, with Hex cyber style transparent sections.
Included in the pack are original SL Clothing layers for the various options, Opera Ballet Boots (as was all other VS LTX full outfits), ADV Mesh Appliers (For Fusion, Scalez and many other mesh body we support), Breast Implant Applier HUD for vString, Ecorp, Lolas, Icon and Implant Nation and Bodylight for those that want the extra contrast.

Kalis is in Store now at the very reasonable price of 450L$.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Ears now instore

Continuing the Tartarus Project I am please to say our new ears are in store... yes, I said ears, as in quite a few.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper, the new Tartarus Ears were designed in highly detailed beautifully styled mesh from the outset.

Each ear comes with multiple zones you can edit via our unique Unlimited 3 HUD, including the Upper Metal, Lower Metal Chains and clips, Ear Studs (they are in the middle), Flex Chains and highly detailed mesh gem stud, as well of course, as the actually skin textures. All other areas come with many choices of textures, shine, glow, bright control, and can be hidden (except for the ear itself).

When it comes to skins, you get the lot. All current Violet Studios Demon skins, All Verotic Male and female skins, All LTX skins, and not to mention our Vampire skins, are all prematched via Unlimited 3 with rich detailed textures.

The design on these new Tartarus Ears means a natural feel to their attachment point, sitting where the normal ear should be, and with flexbility over the positioning so you can work around certain hairs. As usual with Unlimited 3 you also get resizing on board to perfect your look.

Considering what you get in the box here, these are an bargain at 400L$, and with 5 basic models for female and 3 for male, you get a hell of a lot of elegant bang for very little buck so to speak

They are in store now, priced at just 400L$

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Demon Studio - Shadowclaw Horns Released

These are something of a radical departure from my norm on horns as they are more like Hair than they are horns. With long spiral twisting back horns and a horn fringe, I actually was debating on releasing them until I showed them to a friend and she went nuts for them.

They are in store now, price 250L$ and come with the usual U3 enablement.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Demon Studio - Dark Rapier Horns Released

I am very pleased to release the Dark Rapier Horns.
Dark Rapier are simple "Capital" horns. by this, these are zero embellishments, straight done, nothing fancy. In your face, big dark horns.
Where this does go a little more complex the primary horns are highly detailed static mesh.
With ridges and bumps, these have an extraordinary feel to them and during early testing, they have received many compliments over their simple but complex design.

As with the other horns, the come with Full U3 enablement, with all 140 bone textures available to use. And although these are unisex, these can happily be used on Male or Female Avatars.

They are in store now for the simple price of 225L$

Demon Studio - Sorona Female Horns In store

I think I will be the first one to admit, new products in the Demon Studio have been few and far between over the last few years. What you don't know though is I have been working away in the background, and during that time there has been considerable amounts of new products being developed.

This project is called Tartarus and you should expect to see quite a lot of new Tartarus products arriving in store.

The Sorona Horns are very beautiful long back style horns, with a slightly more aggressive twist on the head. These are designed to be less ornate than our original line of horns, with metal tip attachments being the major element of the look.

On Tartarus, we have moved away from our original style of design, with only Unlimited 3 ready horns being included now.
Sorona is now instore, and comes in at 275L$. (Unlimited 3 is obviously free).

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Demon Studio - Unlimited 3 Texture Pack updates

Some time back, we moved all of our products to our inhouse Unlimited 3 System. The reasons for this was to reduce script costs, make our products more flexible, and give our products Expansion capabilities.
I am pleased to say the first Expansion Pack for Demon Studio Products is now availabe in store.
With Six new primary Bone Textures, and each of those 6 available in 22 Different colours from the Elyssian Skin Line, this update give an entire new dimension to your Violet Studios Products.
In addition, I have also introduced 10 new Metal textures with Strip or Hex effects.

And whats the cost of this?
Nothing. Its Free.

Pop over to the Demon Studio now to get your update!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Caldera Roleplay Area Opens to the Public

Entrance to Caldera - the Lost Gate

Back in 2009, Second Life was quite different to how it is today. Since then, with the arrival of mesh, larger prim sizes and a burst of creativity, Violet Studios can finally realise a vision for our sims that has been years in the making.

The Caldera Project.

Dark Fae Caves

Caldera is a Gothic dark moody hang out roleplay sim for fantasy creatures of all shapes and sizes. The perfect venue for meeting people, a fantastic place to take pictures, or if you fancy just hang out, relax and chill.
And there is a lot to see.

Darkholme Cemetery

Caldera is spread over 2 Full sims, which in real terms means there is enough space to hold easily over 100 avatars. Located on our main shopping sims as a Sky Environment, they are accessible from the main stores.

Necrobeck Swamp
Exploring you will find the sims are packed full of unique and stunning areas to chill out with friends.
The sims are still classified as Moderate, so Adult behaviour is not advised, however we have also set up an area on our Adult Sim where you can be more intimate.

The Demon Sanctuary Revisited.
The Demon Sanctuary is a familiar sight on our Deaths Head sim since we opened Violet Studios, however now moved to Caldera, you can agree the Castle look far more imposing.

The Demon Sanctuary - Refitted and Improved

Inside, the Sanctuary has been revised heavily with new high quality fixtures and fittings and regular events are planned for the near future.

Amazon City Ruins
World's End English Pub
Where else would you go when in the nearly extinct Caldera of a Volcano lake... the World's End Pub?
This relaxed, casual pub is friendly and easy going for creatures of all breeds to listen to good music and have a pint. Again, we are looking at regular events and hopefully live music too.

Caldera is open to the public now... Here are the landmarks.

Click here to go to the main entrance to Caldera - the Lost Gate
Click Here to go to the Demon Sanctuary Landing point.
Click here if you fancy popping down the the Worlds End Pub