Monday, 20 April 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Ears now instore

Continuing the Tartarus Project I am please to say our new ears are in store... yes, I said ears, as in quite a few.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper, the new Tartarus Ears were designed in highly detailed beautifully styled mesh from the outset.

Each ear comes with multiple zones you can edit via our unique Unlimited 3 HUD, including the Upper Metal, Lower Metal Chains and clips, Ear Studs (they are in the middle), Flex Chains and highly detailed mesh gem stud, as well of course, as the actually skin textures. All other areas come with many choices of textures, shine, glow, bright control, and can be hidden (except for the ear itself).

When it comes to skins, you get the lot. All current Violet Studios Demon skins, All Verotic Male and female skins, All LTX skins, and not to mention our Vampire skins, are all prematched via Unlimited 3 with rich detailed textures.

The design on these new Tartarus Ears means a natural feel to their attachment point, sitting where the normal ear should be, and with flexbility over the positioning so you can work around certain hairs. As usual with Unlimited 3 you also get resizing on board to perfect your look.

Considering what you get in the box here, these are an bargain at 400L$, and with 5 basic models for female and 3 for male, you get a hell of a lot of elegant bang for very little buck so to speak

They are in store now, priced at just 400L$