Monday, 27 April 2015

Scalez Demon Bodies now available

Following the release of the Scalez bodies I have been listening to customers, and taking onboard ideas, and one that has come up again and again, was the desire for a demon Scalez range.
With the release of the new Tartarus Hooves, I am pleased to say that Demon Scalez is now available in the demon store.

Take 4 basic styles of the of the Scalez human bodiess - Supermodel, Athletic, Skinny and Amazon, these have now been matched to four of the the new Tartarus style hooves.
Supermodel has the Necrosol hooves, Athletic gets the Aerzor hooves, Skinny gets the Skizma hooves and Amazon gets the Ilfris Hooves.

Size wise, you get  1 Foot, 2 Feet, 3 Feet, 10 Feet, 16 Feet and 30 Feet.
A choice of three different face designs, clothing and tattoo layers.
Fusion / ADV compatible on the applier side and Materials support and give them many of Fusions HUD features.

You get 4 packs including all the size based on the bodies each priced at 1000L$.
You can find them in the Fusion Store and the Demon store (by the horns).

If you would like to see each of the 4 bodies, click here to go to the Adult Blog

Hold on... the Ilfris hooves....? There is going to be a second release to this.. give me a moment.