Friday, 17 April 2015

Demon Studio - Sorona Female Horns In store

I think I will be the first one to admit, new products in the Demon Studio have been few and far between over the last few years. What you don't know though is I have been working away in the background, and during that time there has been considerable amounts of new products being developed.

This project is called Tartarus and you should expect to see quite a lot of new Tartarus products arriving in store.

The Sorona Horns are very beautiful long back style horns, with a slightly more aggressive twist on the head. These are designed to be less ornate than our original line of horns, with metal tip attachments being the major element of the look.

On Tartarus, we have moved away from our original style of design, with only Unlimited 3 ready horns being included now.
Sorona is now instore, and comes in at 275L$. (Unlimited 3 is obviously free).