Saturday, 25 April 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Fusion Demon Hooves

Continuing with the release in store of the Tartarus Project comes a pretty long term cross over project with our Fusion Mesh bodies range - the new Tartarus Fusion Hooves.

Bringing our hoof design for demons in to full on Fitted Mesh territory, these new hooves are a quantum leap over our original studio hooves (which I may add, due to various reasons are still for sale in store).

You get three styles:
Stand Alone - These are designed for the original SL avatar
None Rigged - a simpler version that is Static Mesh and is moddable.
Fusion - Fully integrated, seamless Fitted Mesh hooves designed to work and integrate with exisiting Fusion mesh bodies.

Both Stand Alone and Fusion Hooves come in SL body mapping - this means they will work with SL skin, and clothing textures. Hence, these new hooves have a clothing and Tattoo Layer.

More information is on the instore marketing

You get 4 basic styles of hooves

The are in store now at at 600L$