Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Caldera Roleplay Area Opens to the Public

Entrance to Caldera - the Lost Gate

Back in 2009, Second Life was quite different to how it is today. Since then, with the arrival of mesh, larger prim sizes and a burst of creativity, Violet Studios can finally realise a vision for our sims that has been years in the making.

The Caldera Project.

Dark Fae Caves

Caldera is a Gothic dark moody hang out roleplay sim for fantasy creatures of all shapes and sizes. The perfect venue for meeting people, a fantastic place to take pictures, or if you fancy just hang out, relax and chill.
And there is a lot to see.

Darkholme Cemetery

Caldera is spread over 2 Full sims, which in real terms means there is enough space to hold easily over 100 avatars. Located on our main shopping sims as a Sky Environment, they are accessible from the main stores.

Necrobeck Swamp
Exploring you will find the sims are packed full of unique and stunning areas to chill out with friends.
The sims are still classified as Moderate, so Adult behaviour is not advised, however we have also set up an area on our Adult Sim where you can be more intimate.

The Demon Sanctuary Revisited.
The Demon Sanctuary is a familiar sight on our Deaths Head sim since we opened Violet Studios, however now moved to Caldera, you can agree the Castle look far more imposing.

The Demon Sanctuary - Refitted and Improved

Inside, the Sanctuary has been revised heavily with new high quality fixtures and fittings and regular events are planned for the near future.

Amazon City Ruins
World's End English Pub
Where else would you go when in the nearly extinct Caldera of a Volcano lake... the World's End Pub?
This relaxed, casual pub is friendly and easy going for creatures of all breeds to listen to good music and have a pint. Again, we are looking at regular events and hopefully live music too.

Caldera is open to the public now... Here are the landmarks.

Click here to go to the main entrance to Caldera - the Lost Gate
Click Here to go to the Demon Sanctuary Landing point.
Click here if you fancy popping down the the Worlds End Pub