Monday, 10 April 2017

Fusion Cloth and Tattoo Layer Together Glitch Fixed

It has been a thorn in my side ever since I released Fusion and all my fitted Mesh lines. That horrible bug where if you try to show the clothing and tattoo layers together, you get them in an all out fight with each other resulting in a patch work of badly rendering layers.
Good news!
Its now fixed!!

What you need to know: This affects Fusion Male, Fusion Female,  Tudoto, Fusion Demon hooves, Wideloads

What is the problem? From the first moment I deployed my fitted mesh line I have had a serious bug to deal with when it came to multiple clothing layers being shown at the same time. Some of you will have seen on the various huds the red Triangle with the ! in it next to the Show Tat and Cloth button.
This was there because of that bug. The bug itself came from two transparent layers (clothing and tattoo) trying to fight each other over which one was shown. The result was Fusion or any other body part using multiple clothing layers would have a funny half hour as it tried to render. You would see certain parts of the body showing one thing, and another part of the body showing the underwear over the top.
I know my customers have moaned about this a lot, and I didn't disagree but until today I had not figured out how some people on the grid were getting around this glitch.

The Solution! I had a customer come on this morning asking me about this bug and I decided to take a look at it with fresh eyes again. However I stumbled by accident on to the solution and as usual with Linden Lab, it was in the last place you would expect. Materials. I don’t know why it does this and I have asked some people with knowledge on the subject and they don’t know why either, but if materials are fitted to the clothing layer, it remains dominant. The Glitch is cured.

What's in the Update? In the box you will find an updated version of the Daily HUDs. On these huds are two new button. Fix Clothing layer and Remove Tattoo Layer Materials. These are here so you can fix any clothing item you put on quickly and easily.

There are caveats though. Firstly if the clothing item you have already comes with materials, then you don’t need to fix the cloth layer as it will wipe out the shine on them. Secondly if the underwear layer did come with materials you will have to lose it. However this is the solution that has eluded me for so long.
Don't worry about looking like you just jumped in a bucket of baby oil though. The Shine that this button applies is effectively set to nothing. There is no materials visible on the clothing layer.

Wear your updater to get the revised copy of the Daily HUD's. You wont have to change anything with your body - simply replace the old daily hud with the new one.

Wear your updaters or visit the redelivery terminals in store to get you updates!
The Result? You can now wear both clothing and Tattoo Layers together and they will not glitch.