Friday, 26 July 2013

Verotic / LTX Clothing Update - Super Appliers, Tangos and Evos!

Violet Studios has always been at the forefront of developing new tech and design theory when it comes to our products, and one thing that has constantly bugged me personally is the way appliers work.
In the old school way, customers would end up with 10+ separate appliers in their sales boxes, causing confusion and irration. From a designers POV they were a nightmare to work with, taking excessive time and effort to put together.

During the vString 3 project, we showed off our Super Applier system for skins - gone were the dozens of boxes - everything was put in to one easy to use HUD.... and now we have done it for clothing too!

The Clothing Super Applier has now been rolled out to all Verotic and LTX Clothing in my stores making things an absolute doddle to use.

How does it work? Wear the HUD... press the relevant button that matches the breasts you are wearing.

What, you expected more effort?

The secondary reason for this update though was moving all my clothing over to the SL Upper body Mapping which is currently available on Lolas Tangos and on vString. This update required a massive amount of work as effectively I had to rework, design and upload new textures for every single item across the range (it add up to over 300 new textures).

I personally will admit, I was dubious about how these textures would look on Implants, however after finishing the update, I have to say, I am sold as  the new textures add a level of seamless depth to those breasts that are capable of using them.

For Lolas Tangos, we have after considerable thought on the matter, had to create a special script to handle working with the super applier. This may sound strange and Tangos come with their own applier, but cutting a long story short - I wont use it.
The Tangos script we have designed is quite intelligent though as it not only works with our super applier, but adds a neat little feature in that older products that are vString compatible, will apply to the breasts!

Just making that bit clear - if you have this script in your tangos, and you have a Version 2 vString applier with an item of clothing, and you wear that applier, the top from the applier will be sent to your tangos and
will work - maybe not perfectly, but it opens up a new feature for you.

The script itself only need be put in your implant the one time. Once its in there, it will work for all outfits you buy from Violet Studios.

So... Summing up.
* Simple, Easy to Use applier system
* Tango / Evo Top textures now available
* Extra features to Lolas Tangos
* The Most popular SL brands available
* Works with other compatible Implants!

Even nicer... The Scripts are available for free in world - just find the LTX and Verotic Notice in store (it looks like this really.  If you buy this  board, you get the Tangos Script and Instructions making your Tangos backwards compatible.