Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nosferatu Studio Evolution Make up Launched

Following on from yesterdays launch of the Verotic Evolution make up line, I am very pleased to say that the Nosferatu Female skins have now been converted over to the new Evolution system.

I wont go in to the extreme detail I did in my previous post - if you want to find out more, read that one.

With the Nosferatu Skins, there is a small note that wearing the breast applier updater will send you a full version of the Blanker skin, not a tattoo layer.

What this means for the Nosferatu Studio is not only are the original and unique Death and Eleator Make ups now converted over to the new system but you can now use ANY of the Verotic Evolution make ups on your skin.

Part of the original Nosferatu series, was the Gothica Original Make up...
The picture below, show the Verotic Gothica Original make up, on the Nosferatu skin, just proving the point, one make up fits all!

The updates in store now

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