Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Verotic Evolution Make Up System Launched

Second Life Skins
When I originally created Verotic, things on Second Life were rather more basic that they are today. Back then, if you wanted to do a skin, you had one basic option – The Skin layer. You could of course tweek those skin layers by adding “extra” layers over the top but there was one thing that couldn’t be changed – the face.
Over the last 3 years though things on Second Life have changed thanks to the Tattoo layer.
Now, I hear you say, but surely we have had tattoo layer for nearly 3 years now. Its true, we have. However there has been a rather sizeable but surrounding this. Which is of course, you could only wear one tattoo layer. In the last year or so that has changed, with the introduction of multi layers. What this means is you can wear and “stack” up to five tattoo layers at once. However... there was still a but over this.
It has only been within the last three or so months that the user percentages of people using multi layer capable viewers has got to a point where its become realistic to look in detail at doing complex stacked tattoo layers.

Verotic Dilemma
So... we have got the background which then brings us to Verotic and the nightmare that left me quaking. Most people will probably think that doing make ups isn’t a hard job really. You would be wrong. When I first started Verotic, it wasn’t exactly easy, and I only had the original Celeste skin. Since then I have introduced the Gia and Ori skins, not to mention my other specialist skins.

But whats the issue?
Each individual skin, comes with 8 skins that need editing for just one make up.

And there are 8 skin tones for example on Ava. Thats 64 Skins that need to be edited.
Of course, if I add it to Ava, I also have to do Gia and Ori. 64+64+32=160 Skins to Edit.
Oh... Cant forget I have Ava Muscle, Ava Pumped and Ori  Muscle – 160+160=320 Skins.

And finally – this is just 1 individual make up. Each pack I release has 5 different make ups...
So... For me to do one new make up pack means editing 1600 skins. And of course, don’t forget the 200 demos for those skins, and the 400 older make up layers.
Then I have to redo all the marketing, and press shots, board assembly etc etc. Not to mention, each of those files has to be quality controlled as the viewer does have an error ratio of about 1%...

Over all, doing the make ups takes a few days each.
Assembling them requires editing 2200 items, and roughly 2 weeks of solid, day in and out work.

Perhaps it make sense, that I am very reluctant and daunted by adding just one new make up pack to the Verotic skins line. The old method is quite flawed.... so there has to be a solution?

The Evolution Revolution
Evolution is a whole new way of looking at Make ups at Verotic. Ultilising the new multi layer system tattoo layers, and using the stacking idea, Evolution means things work a lot better for me, as each make up now only requires the creation of 19 Tattoo layers, and its better for you because regardless of if you buy Gia 08 or Ava 01, once you have bought the new make up, it can be used on any Verotic or Violet Studios skin.

Evolution has really brought up an interesting effect though.
The basic Verotic skin line, as it is at the moment, has 25 make ups per skin. This is where the real power behind the evolution model comes in to its own – there are now over 80 make ups in store, with new Natural, Gothica, City and Lust models. Not to mention the all new Cyber line. This has changed the Verotic equation in a massive way.

But, there is more... This new system means creating all new base model skins is not the epic job that I have had to deal with before.
The new Evolution skins are due to arrive soon. Basically buy one skin, then add the make up you want on top. I have technically had three all new skins sitting in inventory now for the last year, which I have been putting off releasing due to the sheer volume of time it would have taken to create them.

Finally, thanks to this system, it means that Verotic will be releasing new make ups in store probably every few weeks now!

Getting Set up for Evolution
Firstly if you buy any of our skins after the 3rd Feb 2012, you will find not only is the make up you bought in there, but there is also another “Blanker” skin. To use Evolution, all you do is wear the blanker, then the make up... simples!
The last thing I want to do though is have customers buying a whole new skin so I have had to change a few things.

With each Violet Studios skin, you will have received a breast implant appliers box – if you wear the updater that is in that box, you will find you will receive the new “Blanker” Tattoo – this is effective a plain make up with no eyebrows. When you unpack it, simply wear the model you want.

On top of that, you need to add the new make up of your choice. This is where things get rather neat. In the make up box, you will find there are 6 eyebrow models, in three Shade tones.
Obviously for 01 to 03 skins you will need the Light Tone. For 04 to 06 skins, wear the mid, and for 07 to 08 wear the Dark.

For the new make ups, I really did a number for you. There are 6 eyebrows. These are split in to White, Brown or Black. And, you can choose from those, thin or thicker models.

Also in the box you will find that you can also get the “no brow” model which can be used in combination with the separate eyebrow layers (which come with the Verotic Blanker Tattoo / Skin). Both of these are tintable, so you can, if you want, fiddle with the set up to your hearts content. For example wearing the white brows, you can tint them pink!

And that ... is why its called Evolution...