Friday, 18 January 2013

Headmasters 3 Textures Update Part Release

Back in 2010, we had a vision, and Studio Worxx hit Second Life, offering a selection of high quality hair products. In 2011, we decided to mix things up a little with a new, cutting edge hair studios creating our new  Headmasters store.

At the core of the original Headmasters was our textures.These textures were designed from scratch.
Blondes that are blonde, not yellow ; Blacks that are rich, deep, glossy and soulful ; Browns that are warm and lustful ; Reds offering a true ginger and deep cherries.
Add to that the utterly unique Anime, Unnatural, Punk and Candy ranges with utterly vivid texturing, the so called Mark 2 Headmaster textures were a huge hit.

No project is ever complete and over the last year Headmasters has been evolving.
The first surprise is, Headmasters has moved to a HUD driven system. The second surprise is no longer do you get just 4 colours. You get 8 to 12 per pack!

Let me clarify this.
When I was looking at the new release I realised that there was so much more potential left. After running through the extra hairs, I hit an issue - the studio would be an utter mess and totally out of control if I released the hairs in packs of 4.
In an ideal world, I wanted to make the product lines even simpler than they were.

The first decision I made was to merge the “Tipped” packs with their primary colours. That took the basic
product line down to just 9 packs per hair.
From there, I added in 4 new colours per pack and when you see some of these colours... even I have to admit I love them.

The result is, each hair now has 92 colours total.
The Basic coloured hair has gone up, but not by much and the special packs remain the same price. Even better is the fat packs are now amazing value.

There is a little bit of a catch though. The release is still a work in progress although we should have updated it all soon.

Check out the Headmasters store on the main Violet Studios sims for more details.... and here is a little tease from the updated shoot. This texture is part of the punk packs.