Friday, 18 January 2013

vString Studio - X-Fet and Xilu Breasts Now in store

Many moons ago, I had some ideas I wanted to do for the Demon Studio, and one was a rather unique set of demonic breasts. Sadly though, at the time the best we had to work with was sculpts and prims, so the project got bumped back in to my inventory.
However, since mesh came along, it has opened quite a few new avenues for myself, allowing hugely technical designs to be built in very few objects.
As a result, those old designs were dusted down, reworked and translated in to rather frighteningly detailed mesh.

On the flip side, one thing I was constantly asked for vStrings was "are you going to do some fetish or BDSM breasts".
This was something we had planned for along time, and I had a set of test units again in inventory, but due to the sheer scale of the parts, they didnt work well.
Thanks to some work with mesh though I am pleased to say, the X-Fets are now in store.

I could carry on talking about these, but I wont. To get the full low down, its best to visit the vstring store in world. You can find it by searching for vStrings, or by looking on my profile's picks.

They are both in store now, there are demos to try out, and they are coming in at 1200L$ each.