Friday, 21 December 2012

Cyber Studio - Darktech Male Cyber Suit Release

For over a year now, there has been pictures popping up in the cyber store of the now released Darktech Suit.
Darktech originally started off life in my design box as a full skin, however it quickly evolved into a tattoo layer overlay so it could be used with a variety of skins. However although I had done the design work in bulk and I was using the Suit on the female (and *Coughs* male advertising too), the suit was unfinished.
However after many months of customers poking me, I finally released it although at the time the project was still unfinished, as I quickly found out as soon as the Female suit was released, I had male customers begging me to release a male designed version.

As I have been going through the stores, getting all the marketing up to date, and sorted out, I sat down yesterday and got to work, finalising the Male version of Dark Tech.

Its in store now.

(Slightly Anticlimatic really....)