Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Second Life's Violet Studios now on this new fangled Interweb thingy.

Okay already... I get the message. Violet Studios needs a blog.
Who do what ha? Sorry if you have reached here from the interweb, but that wont make much sense really.

Start with the basics – Violet Studios is a virtual store within Second Life specialising in a massive line of products. Violet Studios arrived on SL in April 2009 and since then has grown in to an effective monster of a studio. No idea what Second Life is... well, there is a website and a world there to explore.

Got that bit out of the way... good.
For many months ... okay, years... people have been saying I should launch a Blog about my products and as part of a current in world clean up, I decided it was about time that I sorted out this issue so here it is...
This Blog will cover a whole series of areas. Product releases across the various brands, all tagged so you know what is what, official Violet Studios news... and of course the more off topic SL related rants I am well known for.

Enough already...Let me get some work done.

Hemi Violet