Wednesday, 5 December 2012

vString Breast Implants Studio Tease

As always, those who know me, will know I am never one to sit still.

vStrings since their release have proven to be very popular with the options, scripted features and designs coming in for the greatest vote of all - people buying them and using them day by day.
And of course, people have also enjoyed the various updates we have done to these since their release in July 2011 especially since our move to mesh designs this year.

At the moment, we have just three models in store - the XL, XXL and the X_X naturals.

Shall we have a little tease?

Shortly I will be releasing the Special Line of breasts. These new models are as the name suggests, rather special in their design and features. The first two models are currently in the last stages of Beta testing and with a few tweeks they will be ready for release within the next week or so.
After that, there are another two models which are finished, but in scripting stage - I dont have an ETA on those at the moment, but they arnt in Beta just yet.

And if you thought that was the end of the story... vString 3 is current in the design stages.
This will be a free update to the XL, XXL and X_X (maybe even the specials too)
I have currently got, design wise, 20+ new design features and styles, plus there will be multiple areas of changes in the scripting on these too.
Expect to see vString 3 some time early in the new year and believe me, it will be worth the wait.