Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Market Place Update / Migration in Progress

I could be rather sarcastic here and start ranting on about how LL's bought Xstreet, then made a total pig ears of it, that the software they have employed both in the viewer and on the market place is a disaster zone for both customers and merchants. Or... even about how their Direct Delivery system while being a good idea is useless because its utterly skittish and breaks down far too easily. Or how their support team tell you to "go away" if you are using anything other than their absolutely abysmal Official viewer (which looks like a dogs dinner).

But I wont.

However I will say that after 6 months of watching the JIRA about the merchant outbox failures (which I was a victim of) I finally decided to stop following the advice I was given by LL's, and I contacted support when I got an email through about migration again.
And much to my surprise, a hour later, my merchant outbox was fixed. Which is weird really as I was watching that JIRA and there were no posts on it to say contact support - we think we have fixed it.
Odd really...

I have now started the massive job of not only migrating my market place products over from the Magic box system, to Direct Delivery. I hope... no... pray... that this will cut down on the sheer volume of lost orders, broken orders or order that take 10 hours to be delivered and if you arnt lucky, fail totally.

While I am at this job though I am refreshing the marketing and information on the products, so please bear with me while I slowly grind my way through this job.