Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Demon Studio - Female Studio Update

Those of you who have popped in to the female store recently will have noticed that things have been changing quite a lot.
One of the jobs I technically loathe, is doing marketing updates. And I have been doing my usual "if I ignore it long enough, maybe it will go away..." except it didnt.

So thankfully, right at this moment, I am pleased to say that the female department of the demon studio has now finally got its update marketing wise, plus quite a few side updates...

So here is the deal.

The Koras 3 Boots are now out - if you bought Koras 2, its a free upgrade.
They now have a vastly improved design, lots of new elegant touches, vastly improved and less confusing set up, and maybe a surprise to some, they have the LTX studios texture pack.

The Urban Demon Boots, I realised as I was reworking them, are perhaps the oldest unchanged product in my whole store system. I designed these boots in 2009, and they have remained unchanged since then. I have planned for some time to get these updated, and finally, the Urban Demon 2 Boots are out. These new boots are built in Rigged mesh for ease of use, you get boot only or boot and hoof, they are a Unisex design so fit male or female avatars. The also have full Unlimited 2 integration, and have both the LTX and Leather Texture packs on them, not to mention they come in 3 widths.

So what else? The Hooves in store now have a minor texture pack upgrade on them - use the auto updater included with them if you already own a set to get these. The texture update surround the standard metal and bone textures. The Wings will also shortly have an update to cover this update too.

As things go though, check out what has been going on in store - you may be surprised.