Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Headmasters / Violet Cybernetic Cross over

Sometimes I have ideas in my head, and they tend to just sit there, and dance around forever and the Headmasters Cyber line has been one such idea that up until now, has been something I wanted to do, but never did.

I supposed I could waffle on about this, but I am not going to. Easier to give you the skinny and a few press shots.
The Headmasters Cyberline, at least from the outside will be familiar as they work on a similar basis to the headmaster hairs with the same colour packs.
Obviously you get the Anime, Candy, Punk and Unnaturals, all in the regular 8 colours
You also get Red, Black, Blonde, Brown, and White, but not quite the same as normal - they only have 8 colours - the tipped versions are not available.
On the flip side of this though, you dont really loose out, as (you will see the from the marketing shots) these hairs come with quite aggressive streaking elements which are available on the second part of the hud.
For those, you get an additional 20 colours.
On top of all of this, you will also noticing the hard glow elements. The little (and often animated) elements are also full colour change with Unlimited 2 so while most of the marketing shows these as aqua glows, you can pick any colour you want!

In the first part of the release I have put out 7 hairs to start with, and this morning, I also release the Dysk Hair.

They are all in store now, and heres the eyecandy.