Monday, 21 December 2015

Tartarus Male Accessories Released & New U3 Materials HUD

Following on from yesterdays release of the New Demoness Horns, Tails and Spikes, I am very pleased to announce the arrival in store of the Male versions of these accessories. In total, you now have 31 Products released on this, with six kind of new to male products in there.
For a full break down, see yesterdays post however, there is some eyecandy below.

One thing that has always bugged me though was the fact when it came to males, you dont really want a whole lot of shine going on. Back using older tech, even the lowest setting of shine make the horns look too ... polished... for males.
Sitting down this morning, I decided to take a fresh look at the male shine issues and also come up with some new materials settings to play with.
As usual, it all got out of hand.... the result is an entirely new Unlimited 3 Materials pack for the bone on these products. These are now in store - just grab the Unlimited 3 box again and you will find the male pack in the box.
With these new Materials you get 10 more "industrial" style materials options, which are rougher and darker than the female, although you could use them on the female without any issues.
The big change though is a minimal value shine factoring for the male horns. These are light shine items, with soft accents but they are still there.

I couldnt describe them if I tried... so best thing to do is try them out for yourself - U3 is always free.