Saturday, 9 January 2016

Violet Cybernetics Rebooted

Back in 2009 I opened Violet Cybernetic with my organic technology style design work which revolutionised the scene featured at the time full of more “robotic” style items from other creators.
Since then the Cyber Studio has remained very popular with people and has seen the evolution and upgrades to many products.
As you will have seen late last year, I surprised and shocked many in the Demon Studio with the release of the Tartarus generation of Mesh and Materials enhanced production converting over older design work to 2016 specs and its fair to say Materials transformed both the look and quality of the products.

Well, its Violet Cybernetics Turn now.
I have over the last month been slowly working through every single Cyber product, looking at, reworking, cleaning up and enhancing in mesh.
Every single product has been rebuilt and in many cases improved on.
On top of all of this, I have also created some new textures for Unlimited 3 based around the Hanabi 2.0 upgrades, and perhaps the bigger job, I have created a new Cyber only Materials system with 6 primary materials that cover both Metal and Base zones, not to mention 5 primary shine systems too. Yeah, I have been busy and its all in store now.

You want some highlights?

As usual, the products that came with updaters – Dark and Light Mech arms and legs, Wings and a number of other item – have all gone in to the update servers so just wear your updater to get the latest copy.

Needless to say , I am over the moon with the look and style of the 2016 Violet Cybernetic Reboot – come take a look in store and see what you think though.