Sunday, 20 December 2015

Demon Studio - Tartarus Horns, Tail and Spike

Many years ago, I started a small studio on Second Life - the Demon Studio. It started with some hooves, a few tails, a few horns and some skins.
Seven years later, Second Life has changed, and its way overdue I brought those products in to the Mesh and Materials Age.

I am very pleased to announce the finalisation of a 6 month project to rework, rebuilt and completely transform the Demon Studios Horn, Tail and Spikes collection.

So whats what?
Demon Horns, Tails and Spikes in studio have been painstakingly reworked in part mesh to get around a technical problem regarding older Primitives. While doing this reworking, I have also improved on the designs cleaning up odd issues with the horns and making them smoother and more complete.
A new "Sleeve" (the metal ring covers on the horns) has been designed with the introduction of beautifully detailed gem encrusted sleeves with heavy detail work.
Materials Enhancement for the bone parts has been put in place, with 10 different Unlimited 3 Materials bumpiness options and 5 different levels of shine for metal and bone, with the option to remove materials if needed. Please note - you will need to be using Advanced Lighting Model to see Materials.
Unlimited 3 has been upgraded not only with the new Materials HUD, but a new "Tones" hud, featuring Two tone designs (shown above), and all the new Tartarus items now get special Tones versions. In addition, if you are new to Violet Studios, you can now Try before you buy. I have included for free with Unlimited the Slipstream horns, with both original and Tones format.
If you dont want to use materials that okay too. The Materials HUD also give the option to remove shine and bumpiness. In addition this first Materials HUD is just that - a first. If you want different options all you have to do is ask and I will be happy to investigate and possibly put in to production.

In total 44 heavily revised and upgraded products are now in store, and I have also again, reworked the demon studio putting the male department on the ground floor, and removing the upper floor all together. When it come to the new products you will also find they are now categorised - smallest to largest.
It should be worth noting, I have in this first batch released the Female Products. Male are still "old school" in store, however I will be doing the marketing for these ASAP and getting them out.

Here is a small selection of the revised 2016 Tartarus products look like...

I hope you like these as much as I do.