Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fusion Male Release

Let me give you the low down.
Build on the Fusion modular concept so upper and lower bodies can be interchanged.
ADV and Omega Applier Ready
Uses Standard Second Life UV Mapping (same as the stock avatar)
Avatar Head - Like the female bodies, Male uses the standard Avatars head so you dont have to look the same as everyone else...
Clothing and Tattoo Layers, separate mesh nipples and piercings (29 piercing options to choose from) with many of the Fusion female features.
Developers kit included and ADV and Omega Materials support ready.
Fitted Mesh which means to a degree you can use most of the shape sliders to adjust your body design.

5 Body styles - Genesis which is closest to the SL avatar), Skinny which is thinner than the stock av, Athletic which give some extra bulk, Gladiator for quite a bit more bulk, and finally Barbarian, which is self explanatory (see below)

Demo's are available in the main Fusion store.

Oh, and you also get everything in Pick N Mix format too so if you want to add extra elements, you don't have to buy the whole body.

And as usual, this is Release Part one. I ran out of time today so I decided to just get the primary bodies out, and the look at the other items developed for this tomorrow so expect a second release.