Friday, 24 July 2015

Fusion Male - Zerberus Demon Body & Razel Tartarus Hooves

Zerberus continues the Fusion male mesh release but with a more demonic twist offer that sought after heavy lower body design.
Featuring a unique Torso (also available from the pick n mix as a separate item), the body comes with the Gladiator Upper body and arms, and also includes male Universal basics (so if you wanted to go human using this body as a basics, all you would need is a Torso).
As with the human Fusion male spec, you get ADV applier and Omega Support built in.

The body is 1500L$, and the Pick n Mix Torso is 500L$ and its available in store now.

Not in the Mood for Heavy Demon Legs... something a little more reasonable in size?

Then you may want to look at the Razel Hooves. Designed on a similar line to the Female Hooves, you get all 5 primary body matched legs in the box, with clothing layers and all the usual Fusion features, except you dont get Stand alone legs with these.

They come in at 600L$ and are the perfect demonic companion to the Fusion Male Bodies.

Finally, I am pleased to say this finishes off the Phase 1 Fusion Male Release, however I can say that Phase 2 is already in the works and unlike Fusion female, the release will be arriving very soon.

Keep watching!