Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fusion Anthro Legs

The idea of Fusion is all about being modular, and one thing asked over and over again is "can you do some Anthro leg options?"

Well, you get asked enough times, what else can you do.

The first of these new products are the more tradition style paw style feet.
Designed in highly detailed mesh, these have a four toe design, SL UV mapping, Bell Bottoms for the clothing layers, Feet pads and claws with a U3 HUD for texture tint options.
The come for Genesis, Athletic, Model, Andro, All Woman, Skinny and Anime on the main Fusion body torsos (other models were simply not possible due to size differences), and you get Wideloads versions for Classic, Slender and Curves.

There are no Stand Alone or unrigged versions.
This is my first step in to a world thats rather alien to me, and while I think I have covered all the bases, if there are any specific options you want to see, or other models you think would be a great idea, drop me a note card.
These are in the Fusion Store now (above the Demon Fusion selection) and both sets come in at 600L$ each.