Friday, 10 July 2015

Tartarus Hooves Additions Update

Don't panic - this update is optional.
With the release yesterday of the new Anime Torso for Fusion, it does mean that the Tartarus Hooves needed revising with additional Anime Ready legs.
Aerzor, Skizma, Necrosol and Zarnar hooves have all been updated with these new Anime ready hooves.
Simply wear your updater to get the latest versions.

There was a secondary customer request that came through though regarding Pant Bell Bottoms.
It seems that as customers you loved the idea of the seamless nature of the Tartarus Hooves, however you didn't like in some cases how the pants were skin tight.
So, an additional element in this latest update carries on from the main fusion body with lower leg bell bottoms - this extra object is simply worn if required.


Note - body shown above is an example - Hair, horns, skin, body etc not included but shown as an example. Update only covers the Tartarus hooves themselves.