Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fusion - Titans Torso's now in store

Following repeated badgering from customers, month after month wanting even larger Wideloads, I have finally released the aptly named Titans but... they are only for Fusion (you couldn't do these as stand alone).

These are nothing shy of extreme, and it has taken me some time to release these to public -  they have been knocking around my inventory now since last year.

The size however comes at a cost features wise.
None of the regular Fusion options really work with these. Rather than go through the long list of what you dont get, its easier to say this. They come with both models, with Torso and Legs. Nothing else.

They are in the Pick and Mix department. Demos are available via the torso demo board. Price is 500 and includes the Extreme and Gargantuan models.