Friday, 27 February 2015

Redelivery Terminal for vString, Fusion and Wideloads

Over the last few days I have been getting a number of customers coming to me saying that their updaters have not been working.
Last night we researched what was going on, as I knew for a fact that the delivery system is working correctly and the result for me at least - it was working perfectly.
However further tests threw out some weird results.

It seems, for unknown reason there may be some issues on the Second Life Grid where Customer A asks for an update by wearing their updater, and gets the update. But, Customer B asks for the same update, and gets nothing.
 After 2 hours of testing, retesting, checking etc, neither myself or Juggz could make head nor tail of this issue.
This issues does seem confined to vString Revolutions for some reason - again no idea why.

This morning, I did something perhaps I should have done ages ago - I installed Redelivery terminals in both the vString and Fusion stores.
These terminals are there so if you as a customer have bought a product in the past, and either lost the updater, or have the updater and it seems to be acting up, you now can simply got to the terminal, click it and get the latest versions of our vString, Fusion or Wideloads products.

I hope this helps customers and I do apologise for the issues surrounding